I’m back, albeit with the most cliché post in the book.

Humans just love to reflect don’t we?! We look back and promise ourselves a better, more self-motivated future.

Only for most of us (myself included) to wake up post the motivational speech in my head the night before, lie in way too late then go on to eat the same crap foods and act like a slug.

I have discussed the problematic ‘New year, New Me’ mantra before.

Despite this, I am a huge fan of the list and do find having goals in place useful. They at the very least prevent me from wandering aimlessly through much of my life!

I managed to meet quite a few of my 2018 goals, so I thought why not try writing a few more and see how I get on. So, from the deep and meaningful to the mundane, here we go…


Life as a student and intern means I’m strapped for cash pretty often. A remedy for much of this would be to stop living like I’m still earning a full time wage. Therefore, this coming year I might actually start writing down my finances and budgeting. As well as trying to sell half my wardrobe on Depop and eBay (buy my stuff pls).


Screenshotting Dua Lipa’s abs for motivation only leads me to unhealthy comparison and crying into copious amounts of halloumi. I want to get fit for my health, to feel active, toned and also to dose up on all those buzzy endorphins.


This is a pretty general goal that I’m sure many a millennial will be joining me for. To put down my phone more, I’m going to try and stay off it past 10pm, and go back to reading before bed instead of mindlessly scrolling. I am also going to go on a lot more walks, keep up my 10,000 steps a day and just unwind outdoors rather than on the settee.


To put it simply, I’m pretty shit at any kind of self-care or beauty routine. I don’t moisturise, my skincare is limited to a face-wash and occasional coating of sudocrem or toothpaste on my spots. I really want to start taking care of my skin and continue to drink a LOT of water to stay hydrated.


I have been a pescetarian for a year and a half now, and I’m pretty proud of myself. I wanted to go full veggie but down to my outright shit diet pre this change I knew I would probably end up crumbling due to the sheer lack of veg I was eating. Cutting down to just fish has led me to be healthier, and I’m ready for the next step!


After working 8.30-5 for nearly a year, I was all-determined to be the student who made the most of every morning, unlike my undergrad where most mornings were spent watching Gilmore Girls in bed. As winter came, I neglected my wishes and started to get more attached to the wooze-filled snuggly haven of my bed. As the nights get lighter once again, it is my mission to get up earlier and achieve a number of things before midday.

Well there you have it! A few of my goals for the New Year alongside as always trying to be a good person and worrying less (my goal for most minutes of the day!)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that January is treating you well.

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