The Return of the Skinny Jean

Maybe it’s time to go back to the skinny jean life. My legs are screaming out for some half-decent insulation as gale force winds blow a continuous icy gust up the legs of my wide leg jeans.

Seriously, I feel like I may just take off into the air any second now. I’ve even taken to wearing a legging underneath, wouldn’t want to catch a cold *I’m fully aware I have transformed into a 78 year old woman named Doris, tutting at the weather and sucking on a werthers original*

I’m beginning to question whether the desire to look ‘cool’ or ‘stylish’ quite makes up for the chronic goosebumps I battle every time I leave my front door in the winter months.

Wide leg jeans have become my go-to, whether I’m in a major rush from sleeping in, or I have meticulously planned out an outfit, they always seem to be a firm favourite.

When you know something looks good, you tend to stick with it and in the last couple of years they’ve became the only style of jean I even browse both in-store or online.

It wasn’t always this way.

There was a time when skinny jeans reigned supreme, they were basically a religion for young girls all across the UK.

The trusty Topshop Jamie Jean was a desert island must-have and the wrestle to get them on every morning became as much a part of my day as waking up. The whole ‘Jeans and a nice top’ night out phenomena was built on the basis of a form-fitting classic pair of skinny jeans, and it worked.

In the last 3-4 years we have seen a shift both on the catwalk and the high street towards a vast range of jeans styles and cuts, drawing inspiration from times past as well as the introduction of new innovative designs.

I hopped straight onboard as many of the on-trend styles, fortunately for me, didn’t require a severe unbuttoning after large meals! I also find that having a pear shape means I suit a tighter top half, something that cinches my waist then flares out or doesn’t cut close to the leg.

The mom jean, the flared, straight leg, girlfriend or boyfriend jean… we’re spoilt for choice and it’s easier now more than ever to inject personal style into a simple pair of jeans. Denim is arguably at its most exciting, and each season I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

However, let’s remember not turn our back on old friends (well soul mates really).

Whatever happened to the skinny jean? They never really went away, they just sat gathering a lot of dust at the back of your wardrobe; the forgotten Woody to the brand new Buzz Lightyear toy if you like, grimacing at the sight of your shiny new Zara flares.

It’s about time that you gave those babies a spin in the washing machine and whipped them back out for the colder months. Winter is coming, and so is the return of the skinny jean.

Skinnies are reappearing everywhere. From our TV screens and cinema to the world of fashion, namely across social media.

Skinny jeans are a natural successor to the athleisure trend which has been ruling Instagram of late, where we have seen a lot of tight-fitting trousers (leggings or joggers) matched with a looser top.

This has also been coined as the ‘off-duty Model’ look (à la Bella Hadid) and skinny jeans are fast entering this realm, repeatedly being styled up with a classic chunky trainer and cropped sports sweatshirts.

Let’s look at the long list of pros of going back to the skinnies; they’re warm, figure-flattering, look smashing with a boot and are often a lot cheaper than other cuts of denim jeans.

My top picks this A/W are the River Island Harper Jean, ASOS own brand skinnies and the Levi Mile High Jeans if you’re after more of an investment staple.

Don’t abandon the poor things any longer, bring the skinnies back!


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