New Year, New Playlist

January has brought a range of delights; from the culinary (i.e a LOT of burritos), to some major fashion faves and of course TV series’ to binge.

Yet, my finest finds of January have come in auditory form. At the beginning of the year I created a new playlist to which I have added a host of artists/bands I have never listened to before, including some classics that I couldn’t resist playing on repeat again.

Here I am compiling my faves, that I recommend you stream RIGHT NOW. You can access the full playlist here if you wish.


This english band consists of 8 members, each bringing their own blend of synth-filled electro indie pop. Subconciously I have been listeningto a lot more electronic music of late, and I have been really enjoying it. It has *kind of* pulled me out of my guitar band funk.

Track Pick = SPRORGNSM


These guys supported Peace when I saw them last May, and I thoroughly enjoyed their set. Their recent releases have been enthralling, not to mention their pretty epic music videos too – see here.

Track Pick = Never Let Go


A classic, Debbie Harry is forever my style icon (tied with Stevie Nicks), and I just can’t get enough of classic Blondie at the minute. This Spotify-created playlist is a great one to get you inducted in the New Wave Legends.

Track Pick = Hanging on the Telephone

My raspy voiced Danish queen. Her voice is my idea of heaven – don’t believe me listen to this beautiful rendition of ‘Blur’ her pixies inspired track. Her latest album ‘Forever Neverland’ gets better everytime you listen to it.

Track Pick = If it’s Over ft Charli XCX


After seeing sunny indie gsrage quartet Hinds back in December, then visiting their homeland Spain earlier this month, I’ve been obsessed.

Track Pick = The Club


I’ve listened to Anteros for a while now, but just this week scored tickets to finally see them live. Hence why they’ve been on repeat ever since, I can’t wait for their long awaited debut album to drop in March.

Track Pick = Breakfast

Send any new recommendations my way!


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