We are Nobody’s

Hello all, hope you’re having a lovely week!

I come today bearing some very exciting news, I am now a Nobody’s Child Student Ambassador!

I am delighted to work with a brand that I adore, that not only creates beautiful clothes but that is also sustainable. I’m very conscious when it comes to shopping online, I try to avoid fast fashion brands who aren’t making clothes in a sustainable way.

I prefer to shop ethical brands online such as Nobody’s Child, then to score the rest of my clothing pieces second hand from both Charity Shops and Vintage sellers.

Excitingly, I also have a 20% off code to use on site, just enter NCXEMILYROSE20 at the checkout for the exclusive saving!

Today, I am styling one of my favourite pieces from New In, this Rust Perry Floral Tie Midi Dress.

I adore this style of wrap dress that falls below the knee. I find it flattering on SO many different body shapes and heights. I’m relatively tall with more of a pear shape, and I love how the wrap draws attention to my waist whilst skimming the areas I’m more conscious of – my thighs and bum.

Since it was pretty much arctic the day I wore this beauty, there was no question that layers needed to be involved. Of course I grabbed a pair of 100 deniers, as well as layering with my most worn piece probably ever – a high neck black top. They look amazing under everything from band t-shirts to slip dresses, I’d say I have some form of long sleeve high neck top in most colours. They’re cheap, cheerful and can make for super cool colour and print clashes if you wish.

I pulled it all together with my Vagabond western ankle boots I’ve had for ages, as well as a good old coin pendant, because who doesn’t have one these days?! Of course I did also pack my massive black teddy coat because I really didn’t fancy catching pneumonia. However, in order to show off this stunning dress, I slipped it off for the photos!

Whenever I rock anything floaty and of a longer length, I’m basically living my Stevie Nicks fantasy. This dress undoubtedly fulfils it to the very max.

Let me know what your favourite items on the Nobody’s Child site are at the moment, they’ve got some super cool pieces including a gorge faux fur coat and these insane sunglasses.

Check out my Instagram for more outfits styling up Nobody’s Child pieces.


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