New Year, New Faves

Bonjourno ladies and gentlemen,

January has been an interesting and varied month, from travel to sitting on my Arse watching back to back KUWTK and eating my body weight in chocolate digestives, I’ve really done it all.

I’ve also discovered a range of new stuff that I’ve fallen in love with and I thought it would be appropriate to share, cos we all know that sharing is caring.

I’ve been reading


How to Build a Girl – Caitlin Moran

I’ve been a fan of Moran for a while, her witty and uncensored style is right up my street. She has a very clear distinctive voice through her work, and even though in ‘How to Build a Girl’ she is speaking through the teenage Johanna, you find yourself laughing out loud at her outrages anecdotes and thoughts. It is as though Caitlin is sat by you with a cuppa, spilling all her hilarious secrets.

The story follows a working class girl from Wolverhampton’s mission to reinvent herself as ‘Dolly Wilde’; a lust-driven, party loving music journalist in London.

I’ve been watching


La La Land

BELIEVE THE HYPE! La La Land is amazing, I don’t want to give too much away about the narrative, but it’s worth seeing if even just for the gorgeous cinematography.

The soundtrack is also top notch, ‘City of Stars’ has been on constant replay since I saw it. I really don’t want to give too much away but SEE IT! You’ll fall in love, I cried all the way from the cinema back to the train station because I was so overwhelmed with emotion and appreciation. (Also slight topic change but did you see Emma Stone’s star print Valentino dress for the Golden Globes – ♥♥♥ OMG?!!)

I’ve been applying


Persistence – Mac Lipstick

I bought this little baby at Manchester Airport before flying out to Berlin and I’ve not had it off my lips since! In duty free I managed to get it £3 cheaper than usual at £12.50, and like all other Mac lipsticks I own, I’d say its 100% worth the price.

It’s the perfect colour for when you want more impact than a normal nude shade, but without causing too much of a head-turn. I don’t tend to wear much eye makeup at all, so this lipstick adds a bit more colour to my face. It also suits a range of skin tones and hair colours, as I’ve seen it on Instagram on girls with darker skin, and my friend who is brunette wore it and it looked gorgeous.

Persistence on My Lips

Thanks so much for reading!

This month has been an eclectic mix of the amazing and the dull! February is right around the corner, for me it is probably gonna entail a lot of dissertation work, but it also means my 2 year anniversary with Jack, a night away with family and some parties! SO lots to look forward to, I hope you all had an incredible first month of 2017 and that this year is one you make your own and love every second of!

Em   x




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