Comfort over Style?

Hey all,

With my impending old age (20 and three quarters), has came wisdom and practicality. I can longer stand walking the lengths of Leeds in a micro mini and fishnet tights, I now long for the comfort of a loose pair of trousers and a fluffy sock.

*I’m disappointed in myself too.


These Side popper trousers appealed to me because they are not only comfy and stylish, but also a super flattering wide fit for my pear shaped bod.

To add to the laziness and ease factor I through on my boyfriends black topman tee with it, and my old trusty vintage leather jacket.

However, despite my recent outlook I do miss suffering for the sassiness, and I hope to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit more. Maybe even whip the leather trousers back out, who knows.


Em x

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