Common People

Hello all,

Today brings you a long overdue Manchester-centric post. A long time ago, I promised that I would regularly post about some of my fave Manchester gems. 6 months have passed since my latest update and I thought it was about time to change that! So here I am today, fulfilling this very delayed mission that I set myself (and gladly too, as food was involved).

This morning, Jack and I opted to go for brunch in the Northern Quarter. We chose to eat in ‘Common’ on Edge Street as we’d never been before and always liked the look of it! 

The seating area was massive, and the decor was classically  NQ with exposed brick and quirky drawings plastered on the walls. 

I opted for a classic Eggs Benedict cos tbh I was feeling a bit boring, and didn’t want anything too heavy after my huge greasy Donner kebab from the night before!

The Eggs Benedict was banging and a decent price compared to other breakfast joints in the Northern Quarter.

Jack opted for the Mexican Brunch off of the specials menu, it came in at £8, and if I’m being honest I was mega jealous. It consisted of two small tortilla style wraps topped with a chilli like filling, homemade salsa and fried eggs. Cracking.

The vibe was really upbeat, staff were super friendly and the wifi was free. What more can you ask for? 

While there I also acquired a members card (they’re free), which entitles you to a load of discounts that vary day to day. I’ll definitely be back to use that while Jack’s at uni one time!

Common is a fab place to go for all, while we were there it accommodated all from groups of teenage lads, to babies! It’s also not too far away from the rest of the Northern Quarter’s best finds, meaning  on the way back to the train station you can bully your Boyf into browsing Cow Vintage with you! – A plan I executed successfully.


Em x 

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