The thing about Valentines

Hello all,

Most of you know by now I’m a sucker for love. I bloody love romance, soppy films, spontaneous proposals and all the rest of that gushy stuff.

St. Valentine’s Day does not fall under that bracket.

Every year we are plagued on social media by the same articles, memes etc either attacking Valentines, celebrating it in other forms (e.g. galentines) or publicising what new underwear set you apparently need to blow your wage on. 

I am very much in tune to the cheesy belief that you shouldn’t need the excuse of some money making holiday to tell someone you love them. 

You should be doing that everyday- chocolates optional.

I have spent the previous 2 valentines in a relationship, but prior to that I know how it feels being bombarded with the constant lingerie ads, YouTube valentines Lookbooks and horrendous sections of the supermarket dedicated to teddies and other unnecessary tat.

Yes it can be fun, and yes any excuse to buy a new outfit is a cause worth celebrating, but we don’t really need it.

To me, Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to go out for food.

The fact we need a day dedicated to love is selling life a bit short really, every minute should be dedicated to lurrrve. 

Whether that be the love of family, friends, partners or even Nandos (Peri chicken n halloumi I ❤ u), we should fill our lives with it! 

Putting all our energy, and let’s be honest wallets, into one day isn’t fulfilling, its a quick fix. So let’s just promise to be romantic and loving errryday, OK?

Celebrate today however you want and with whoever you want, don’t let the media feed you an ideology of how it should be spent, and what your relationship status should be. You do you babe 😉

Thanks for letting me clear that up! 


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