Why I hate horror movies

Hi guys, 

Hope you’re all well! Despite the rosy red palette of today’s pics, I thought I’d use today as an opportunity to discuss one of my huge dislikes in life, HORROR MOVIES. 

Call me a wuss, a pussy, whatever. I don’t care, and I’ve finally accepted the facts. Horror movies or any film even bordering on the horror genre is not for me. 

I recently saw Split at the cinema after hearing a number of rave reviews. It is classified as a ‘psychological thriller’; but I’m sorry [SPOILER] eating multiple girls alive/tearing them apart, having an obsession with naked teenage girls dancing and keeping them hostage is bordering on something of a horror story.

I left feeling disturbed and unsettled. 

I like a movie that makes me think, question my very existence even, but I just don’t get why I’d wish to feel pure terror.

Some people love it; the thrill and the adrenaline, and good for them! But maybe It’s just not for me and I still require the comfort of Julie Andrews singing about spoonfuls of sugar and the bunny from Zootopia- cracking film btw.

Going to the cinema is one my FAVOURITE things, I adore film. I love being moved, I’m a very emotional gal (cheers implant) and enjoy nothing better than a good cinema cry sesh.

 But I also enjoy sleep, which I doubt I’ll be getting much of after that film. 

I’m prone to nightmares, which may be another reason why the most terror I can stand is when the train announcement is too loud and it makes me jump. Frightening stuff.
I’m a big believer of the old “each to their own” phrase, so if you enjoy a good gore fest knock yourself out. I’ll be tucked up in my bed with a hot chocolate watching Georgia have a complete nervy b over Robbie and Slaggy Lindsay. 

Thanks again for tolerating my random and incoherent rambles,

Em x
FRED PERRY TOP (In black, red sold out)

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