We all live in a Yellow Submarine

Hi all,

Thanks so much for taking the time to come over here and check out my blog, it truly means a lot! Today I’m just gonna share a simple yet sassy outfit post. Despite still being in the depths of February, there’s never a better time to inject a bit of sunshine into your wardrobe. Today I am introducing said sunshine in the most effective way I know how, wearing yellow.

Yellow can be a difficult colour to master, particularly if you’re on the blonde side, but once you’ve nailed your perfect shade it can do its job properly. I’ve found that mustard is probably the shade that works for the most people and it looks bloody fabulous paired with monochrome, especially black/white stripes.







I picked up this GORGE real suede mustardy/camel jacket from Rokit Vintage when I was in London last month, at £25 I thought it was a real steal considering its quality, and the cut of it is quite 60s, an era I take much inspiration from. I then thought ‘fuck it’ and opted for a double yellow combo with this UO striped tee I got in the sale last year (I’ve linked similar below), just to up the sunshine factor.

The skirt is a classic A-line denim from Gap that I picked up for £3 from my local charity top, and its all paired of course with my beloved Dr Martens. When will the day come where I opt for another shoe?!









This look was perfect for todays activities, strolling around the shops and enjoying a mocha and intense game of scrabble in my fave café.


Em   x



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