Breaking up with your Phone

Let's face it. We are a generation addicted. Us millenials just can't get enough of mobile technology. The name of this post is half-borrowed from a book that tackles that very subject. Wi-Fi has become a daily essential (the lack of which can cause some severe withdrawals, leading to desperate purchases of flat whites just … Continue reading Breaking up with your Phone


What I’ve Been Reading: Summer Reading List

Ever since I was a whipper-snapper I have adored reading; staying up far after my bedtime to finish that next page etc. - Rebel from the very start, I know. However, the world of Harvard Referencing soon took over and I took a short and not so welcome break from the world of literary delights. … Continue reading What I’ve Been Reading: Summer Reading List


After many months of picking up, then embarassingly dropping off my latest read 'Nasty Women', I can finally say I've read it cover to cover. Acknowledgements and all. The collection of essays detailing life as a 21st century woman was both eye-opening as well as frighteningly close to home. I found myself nodding throughout it's … Continue reading Sisterhood