Things That Make Me Happy


I’m the kind of gal that questions whether their having an existential crisis, daily.

Questions pop up all over my brain like frantic explosions of stress and confusion, and trust me they’ve recently been popping and crackling like fireworks.

“What do I want from life?”

“What truly makes me happy?”


We rarely question euphoria when we’re experiencing it, we just live it. Allowing ourselves to beam through every last second of it’s cheesy grin-filled joy!






Recently, I’ve began questioning what specific (albeit rather flippant and achievable) things make me happy, to act as little reminders and aids for when I’m feeling a little lack lustre or lost.

Hopefully they’re things that also make you smile that will give you ideas on how to spend down days, some of which don’t even involve leaving your bedroom!




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I fail to categorise myself socially, I’d say I’d lean most towards someone with a seemingly extroverted personality that also thoroughly enjoys their own company. However, when I really need a boost I can’t think of anything better than a good catch up and giggle with family and friends. Anything from texting a pal for a chatty coffee meetup, to organising a trip away is seriously mood-lifting. Being around others (especially those mates you know light up your day) gives you something to look forward to and brighten your mood!




Post-Gym Pride

Don’t get me wrong I certainly ain’t a seasoned gym-goer. Fitness for me comes in peaks and troughs of 5 sessions one week, then a whole month off! It can seem like pulling teeth getting there at times, but the pride and accomplishment I feel after a gym sesh is unbeatable, so I use that to fuel and drive me. It’s so powerful how such a small portion of my day (around 30-40mins), can leave such a lasting positive impression.








Wearing a Sassy Outfit

My mood can go from zero to one hundred when I put on an outfit that I feel comfortable and confident in. Whether your go-to is a trusty tee and jeans combo or a floor-length gown, wear whatever makes you feel good.

Looking like a sassy queen, will make you want to conquer the world like one!




Great Music

I often make a joke out of myself for it but I bloody love a good ‘room disco’, singing into your hairbrush is an activity wasted on the young. Nothing beats blasting my music and having a little song and dance; it puts me in an ace mood, clears my head and burns a few calories while I’m at it!




2018-05-02 10.42.46 1.jpg




Coffee Shops

Nothing beats a solo trip to a coffee shop, whether you go with a book in hand, earphones in or even just a notebook to doodle and people watch. I love cosying up on my own at a really good café, sipping on a coffee and maybe treating myself to a salted caramel brownie or two.

If you too are in the North East some cafes I’d highly recommend are Holmeside Coffee in Sunderland, and Flat Caps or Pink Lane Coffee in Newcastle for good vibes and even better java!




What makes you smile? Obviously my list goes on much longer than this short compilation (much of the further points consisting of Mexican food) but in this post I’ve chosen just a few that everyone can get on board with!



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