April Musings and Favourites

As if it’s May in a matter of hours? I sound like a broken record here but how fast is this year going?!

April has seen many showers, a mini heatwave and at the start, admittedly far too much chocolate.

I started the month with a mini break in a very rainy albeit scenic Northumberland, and Im ending it now at home in a jumper looking out to a very gloomy scene, ah British Springtime.

In this post Im going to share a few of my favourite snaps from April, as well as talk you through some of the things I have enjoyed this month.

The weather has enabled me to consume unhealthy levels of media and entertainment. Therefore today I come bearing recommendations, many of which I’m sure you’ve heard of and I’m pretty late to the hype on!

However, I can guarantee that all of these picks will put a smile on your slightly sour Monday face (just 4 days to go!), now sissy that walk…

Rupaul’s Drag Race

I’m not new to Drag Race, a few months back I had a mega binge and watched Seasons 5-9 and thoroughly enjoyed every second of those AMAZINGLY talented and sassy queens.

The other week I decided to rekindle my love by indulging im Season 4 (whilst of course dipping into S10 as the episodes are released, wouldnt wanna miss Miss Vanje)

I’ve fallen head over heels with the Spooktacular Sharon Needles, Im a sucker for a witchy bitch, but she will never overtake my all time favourite Queen of LIFE, Adore Delano. Forever Girl x


In the world of moving pictures I have been lucky enough to visit the cinema a few times in the last month or so. I’ve seen two uniquely moving and aesthetically quirky movies; Ladybird and Isle of Dogs.

On the former, Im a massive Saorise Ronan fan; I think she’s a fabulously talented and inspiring young woman, with a cracking irish accent! She excels in this film, which is a moving and relatable coming of age tale that centres on the dynamic between a teenage daughter and her mother.

Isle of Dogs is Wes Anderson’s latest release, which is entirely stop motion animation. It’s a truly special cinematic experience that I cannot liken to any other, and the story was oh so moving, I would definitely recommend!


Working full-time in an office means that much of my weekly wardrobe is consumed with a much drearier version of my weekend self.

Rather than turning up the work sass, I’ve been a rather Drab Queen.

I’ve really come to rely on accesories to transform my look. Ordinarily, accessories are an afterthought for me, but on a weekday I now rely heavily on a statement earring or a funky belt to jazz up my whole look.

However, throughout April I have still been feeling rather flat thanks to my outfit choices and I’m determined to inject some life and colour into my daily looks! I’ll Keep you posted on how that goes *types whilst wearing all black ensemble*

I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful month, and that May is even better! (And consistently sunnier too!)

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