After many months of picking up, then embarassingly dropping off my latest read ‘Nasty Women’, I can finally say I’ve read it cover to cover.

Acknowledgements and all.

The collection of essays detailing life as a 21st century woman was both eye-opening as well as frighteningly close to home.

I found myself nodding throughout it’s anecdotes and teachings, left feeling motivated by it’s resolute message about sisterhood, identity and behaviours.

Saying you believe in equal rights to a few pals doesn’t really constitute as a worthwhile contribution to the feminist cause and movement.

Misogyny is so deeply embedded in our society that most of us (myself included) find ourself passively ‘accepting’ and occasionally unaware of sexist behaviour.

Even with platforms, such as social media, giving you the opportunity to have a voice, your voice still may not be taken seriously, and if feminism is on your agenda you often receive some rather uneducated smarmy replies.

The crushing stereotype of the ‘loud woman’ is ever-present.

She is seen as overbearing, difficult and annoying, when she is simply just assertive and passionate.

The validity of woman’s voices (whether female be your cisgender or if you are a trans woman) and their truths need to be verified and widely accepted as well as simply present.

In order for this to occur we must help ourselves as much as possible and by offering endless support and love to other women.

There are always ways to support the cause, no matter your personality. Whether you feel confident enough to organise a march or you’re more of a letter writer, theres a place for everyone to help.

All women, especially the most under-represented in society, don’t need another white straight middle class male attempting to articulate their life story in the newspaper, lacking compassion, comprehension and understanding.

They instead need their own true and incredibly powerful voices to be heard.

Support eachother on social media, read their books and blogs, attend talks and share the love.

Lets learn about eachother’s experiences and life through our own words rather than the propaganda bullshit we are unapologetically spoon-fed by the tabloids.

Equality isn’t just meeting a quota in the workplace, its equal representation in the media, our schools and universities, in art. Everywhere.

Apologies if this post is a bit here, there and everywhere. I felt compelled to put across a few different things even if they don’t flow as naturally!

If anyone knows of any online feminist platforms, whether that be for writing or events and talks, I’d love to get further involved! Please either leave a comment here or drop me a DM on insta. Likewise if anyone is interested in collaborating to form something similar and to create a unified sisterhood!


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