Call me lazy, but many of you will relate when I say that the creative muse can be a fickle tease.

For nights and days I can seemingly write for hours; words just seem to spill onto the page like an ever-flowing flowery adjective-filled verse.

Other days, my creative juices suffer a drastic drought.

It can take a hell of a lot of energy to do mundane everyday things; getting dressed can feel like an effort. The drain is not limited to the realms of creativity.

When lacking inspiration, I feel weak and a little empty.

Over a year ago now, I wrote a post on how to source new inspo for when you’re feeling a little lost, and I’d say its still just as relevant to me today.

But with over 16 months since that last post, I really wanted to share some new ways I have been gathering motivation, energy and lust for life when I’m feeling a little drained.






Podcasts have seen a real surge in popularity of late and I can one hundred percent see why.

Making a change from my usual musical soundtrack, they serve as real food for thought and get the brainwaves flowing from my morning alarm. As I don’t have much of a morning commute (I’m lucky enough to work in the town where I live), I listen to my favourite podcasts whilst getting ready on a morning, as well as on occasional evenings or at the gym (during the less strenuous exercise of course!)

My favourites are: The High Low, The Fringe of It, The Guilty Feminist and Fashion No Filter.





We all know that I’m a big advocate for talking things out. The weight I feel lifted whenever I share my feelings is incredible, and I encourage everyone else to try it! But here I’m more specifically referring to discussing your lack of inspiration with others, sharing your dreams and struggles may get ideas bubbling amongst you all, and send you off once again in the right direction.

I did this very recently with my friends at work, and it helped each of us evaluate our goals and the next moves to make!





My love for music is unparalleled (other than perhaps my love for Mexican food), and it’s strong ties with fashion and poetry, my other great passions, ever cements it as a constant source of inspiration.

Listening to music is proven to alter your mood, if I want to get in a good motivated headspace, I’ll chuck on some of my favourite tunes and I’ll instantly feel better and ready to stop being so lazy!

In terms of styling, music has always aided my wardrobe-related decisions. Music from the 60s and 70s has a huge influence over the way I dress, and drifting into other genres only mixes that up and makes things all the more interesting and eclectic! For example, my recent ventures into hip hop, and listening to a LOT of Dua Lipa has encouraged me to wear more and more colour!






If you ever feel drained, I hope referring to this list helps you and reminds you that it’s normal to feel that way!

Having no energy and inspiration in the moment doesn’t make you a shit creative, or even a lazy person.

No one is a limitless bundle of fantastical energy 24/7, and if they tell you they are, they’re probably lying!


If you have any ways to get motivated and inspire creativity I’d love to know, let me know in the comments or drop me a message on Instagram, at @emilyrosejacko.




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