Wherefore art thou inspo?

Hello Pals,

Sometimes I find myself in a rut, creatively, style-wise and just with life in general. I sulk about, doing nothing and wearing the same  boring Jeans and T-Shirt, creating mediocre scholarly and creative content.

My muse can be fickle at times, and despite living in a media saturated world, I can still struggle to be inspired. It’s hard to sift through all the crap and find exactly what makes you tick.

Instagram – 

Insta Inspo might sound cliché but it can serve its purpose. In the case of style inspiration, some accounts I can recommend are @sixtiesdaily @themessyheads and @nenthe.

YouTube –

Similar kettle of fish to Instagram, bloggers, particularly those who shop high street can serve as inspiration for the working student gal. Youtubers often get a bad rep, but I love nothing more than checking my subscription box and immersing myself in Lookbooks, Hauls and DIYs. I recommend ‘Wild Daze’ ‘Megan Ellaby’ ‘CH32’ and ‘Simply Kenna.’

Slip Dress, Jumper and Belt- Primark


We can live our lives walking around big cities, beautiful countryside, breathtaking coast but we rarely take it all in. To use our eyes properly and admire the architecture, weather, street style etc can inspire not only our aesthetics but our activities too. You may stumble across a little tapas bar or a little country pub that might soon become a new favourite.

Film – 

Cinema is one of my greatest passions, and often I’m a sucker for the visuals more than the actual narrative; costume, set design and special effects can all conjure up an entirely different world, that exists beyond your own imagination. Cult films are often the leaders of Trends fashion wise; from Pulp Fiction to Leon. My personal favourite film inspos are Almost Famous, Clueless and The Craft.

What gets you feeling inspired? Any recommendations for YouTube channels or Insta accounts leave below, I’d love to check them out!

Thanks for reading again, 



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