The Dreaded Dissertation 


If, like me, you have recently dipped your toe into the shark infested plunging waters of third year, it’s likely that you’ve got one thing consistently in the back of your mind, DISSERTATION. 

Most of us are doing one, and tbh most of us probably couldn’t tell you exactly what one is.

We all have many questions.

What will I do it on?

How can I write 12,000 or so words?

Will I have a life? (Answer to that one is probs no)

I hope to share updates of my dissertation on here, although I’m sure yours are all of a very different structure to mine depending on course and uni. 

For example, my boyfriends studies Biology, and since his dissertation is lab based, it is only 4000 words. 

But something we all share is the trembling woes and regular visits to the Just Eat website to soak up our sorrows.

So if you are in the same boat, you can share my pain, and the rest of you can just laugh at my misfortune!

The first thing I had a lot of issues with was choosing my topic.

I struggled to name something that actually interests me besides shopping, bubble baths or a wetherspoons breakfast.

But after all that soul searching, I have eventually settled on a topic, I won’t go into full detail so that it stays original, (it’s not that original but I’ve tried!) but it generally focuses on the TV series Black Mirror. Dats all I’m saying.

lazy eye vogue x

I had hoped to write something fashion related originally, but that went tits up when I decided I didn’t want to make my one real passion a 12,000 word bane of my life. I’d rather keep it as fun.

I think the important thing is writing about something that makes you think. Like really think. Not just try to recall what King of the day it is at Burger King think (do they even still do them?!). If it doesn’t ignite some kind of excitement when you talk about it, and you don’t actually enjoy discussing it, chances are you’ll be bored after a week or so.

Mesh Top – Ark Clothing Cami- Vintage Jeans- BDG @ UO Boots- Topshop
2 for price of 1

Third year so far has already felt significantly more important,probably because it is! The pressure increased within just the first few weeks, I’m halfway through first semester and the prospect of adult-ing and entering a real job is really scaring me shitless.

But I’ll cope.


Em x

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