Florals aren’t just for Spring

Hey Guys and Gals,

This week has been a lazy one on all accounts, where a lot of food has been consumed and a lack of work has been done. On Tuesday I spent a good 70% of my month’s wage on velvet trousers and other unnecessary but beautiful things, then my little sister came up to stay with me on Wednesday until this morning. And obviously by ‘showing her Leeds’ I showed her where does the best 16″ Pizza for £8.99.
Regardless,  this is a snazzy little outfit I wore in Manchester on Monday, where said cash splashing took place.

This dress was in the Topshop sale under the label ‘Topshop finds’ it was £55, reduced down to £20, coming to £18 with student discount. I’ve been after an A/W appropriate day maxi dress for a while, and I thought the deep blue hue of the florals on this was simply beautiful. 

I also loved the button up feature, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND for a day that involves a lot of walking. Those button holes are looser than all the Loose Women Panel combined, Katie Price and all.  One minute I was flashing a cheeky bit of boob and the next you could spy a glance of my Primark granny pants. Good job I wore my 80 deniers! It was also why I popped my trusty mesh top underneath for extra security!

Dress- Topshop Finds Mesh Top- Ark Clothing Belt- Vintage Shoes- Dr Martens Choker- La Moda

For a formal occasion, this dress would look divine with heeled black ankle boots and a Berry-Hued Autumnal lip colour.

Overall 8/10 for sassiness but 3/10 for practicality.

Just before I spent two weeks worth of food shopping money on velvet trousers x


Em x


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