Of Star Spangled Shirts and Leather Skirts

Hey everybody!

Star print is MASSIVE right now, from skinny scarves to maxis, you can’t escape it on the high street or the catwalk. It is quite a bold trend when you’re not a ‘regular star print wearer’ so to speak, so I was looking for a more discreet way to introduce it.



This shirt is from Warehouse and has a western kind of vibe about it, another selling point is THE SLEEVES ARE ACTUALLY LONG ENOUGH. I know a rolled up crop sleeve can be a fun look for a while, but being 5″9 and every sleeve being close to your elbow as soon as you raise your arm, it’s nice to have that length for a change.

I teamed it with this incredible wet-look real leather skirt also from Warehouse. It’s the first real leather Item I’ve ever owned that isn’t footwear, and you can just feel the quality. Its also not super short compared to most leather skirts I own, or that are on the high street right now. This is great cos not only is it considerably warmer, but you don’t have to worry about your bum cheeks making an impromptu appearance!

But I am terrified of doing my usual trick and spilling all kinds on it. I may have to invest in a bib.

Especially since my real suede skirt from Topshop met its grave by the form of a doner kebab and garlic sauce. RIP



I definitely think that after getting this shirt I’m going to try to introduce a bit more star print into my wardrobe, and mix it up with a bit of leopard print or stripes. I’m really starting to get into clashing especially in AW.

Thanks for reading,

Emily x

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