Silver Sixties

Hello people,

Fashion is all about taking risks, big or small. Whether that be risking buying something that isn’t black (not really advertised much here!), or wearing a lime green boiler suit. Each to their own.

For me, someone who adores clothes and adopting trends to my own personal style, there’s not a lot of stuff I won’t wear. I have a pink snakeskin pleather jacket for Christs sake. But every now and then the nerves kick in.


Hats are something humans have donned for centuries, a hat can add so much with so little effort. Including not having to brush your hair under!

Wearing Tinsel as a scarf is purely optional

With hats I get that thing where I think it looks class until I have to leave the house, and then I chicken out. “People will stare” “it’ll attract attention”. The many worries I’ve had previously. But I’m getting to an age where I’m beginning to not give a shit. Which I’m terribly happy about.

Hat- Ebay Coat- Wallis Top- Autonomy via Charoty Shop Skirt and Boots- Primark
I bought this baker boy style cap on eBay, they came back on the fashion scene of late, and were first really popular in the 60s. I was keen to give one ago after seeing blogger babes Charlotte Hole (CH32) and Megan Elaby rocking them. And I think it looks pretty snazzy (even if I slightly resemble Fred Dibnah, if you know who Fred is massive respect from me), and will look especially sassy after I get my bangs cut in after payday.

I paired it with an unusual yet beautiful cowel  neck silver top from my local charity shop, a simple white denim from Primark and my mams INCREDIBLE longline faux fur Wallis coat. It’s so snuggly, I was hugging myself in it. 
I’ve always been a big fan of sixties fashion, but I think it looks particularly beautiful in A/W with a more monochromatic colour palette.


Emily x 

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