Got Cash to Burn?

Hi guys ‘n’ gals,

Today I thought I’d do something a little different, because to be perfectly honest I’m midway between spewing my guts up every few words I type. A sickness bug has plagued my once healthy carefree body. Spending the day in bed feeling sorry for myself can  only be improved by one thing, online shopping.

Black Friday, as you will all know is an American phenomena that has swept across the Atlantic, resulting in stores everywhere making us offers we just can’t refuse. But, not for me because I don’t get payed till Wednesday *wipes tears off screen*. I can however, still look. I much prefer shopping online; its less stress, more choice and the majority of places do free returns anyway. In this post I’m gonna show you a few of my picks of the pack of what Black Friday has to offer.


ASOS is offering 20% off EVERYTHING online (until 8am 29th November), meaning a lot of sassy bargains to be had. You just need to enter ‘GOGOGO’ at the checkout.

Here’s are a few of my fave things they have online atm.


  3. 3.
  4. 4.



Prettylittlething are offering up to 50% off everything, they’re popularity is soaring of late, especially since their lingerie featured in an Instagram post by Kylie bloody Jenner. Here’s just a few bargainous jewels I would like to own and you should too! They’re deals are on for 24hours only and they’re offering free UK delivery.




These are just a few suggestions, but these sites have SO much more, as do most other retailers today! Hope you all get on successfully and get some Christmas presents sorted to eliminate some of the festive shopping stress!


Em x

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