Making the Midi Magical


Em here again, and posting more regularly I hope you’ve noticed! Today, I pushed myself once again out of my comfort zone. For a while, I’ve confidently denied that I will ever adorn a midi skirt. I associated them with bodycon cheap jersey TOWIE looks, or something for gals much slimmer than me to show off their nice slim hips, certainly not mine.

Leather Jacket- Zara Dress- River Island Boots- Primark Earrings- Bershka Lipstick- MAC Smoked Purple

But with A/W’s new seasons trends branching me further away from my everyday, I’ve grown a certain curiosity about all things midi. I’m particularly desperate for a metallic pleated midi skirt like this.

I decided to warm myself to the idea with a midi dress, floaty and flattering. I picked up this beauty in the River Island Black Friday sale, £45 down to a mere £15! Bloody bargain.

It’s beautiful, I particularly love the open mesh back and sleeves. My one complaint would be the built in slip under the chiffon skirt of the dress, I find it to be SUPER short and just skimming the edge of my bum! However, I am 5″9 so I suppose it would be just fine for those of average height.

I really wanted to sass this look up with some fishnets, but I’d just binned my last pair after laddering them beyond belief, so I had to get the pins out. I was quite proud I’d actually shaved so I thought why not, and it wasn’t too cold! Besides, showing off these sassy Primark silver boots make it all the more worth it!

Hope you like my look!


Em x

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