Layering looks cooler in the Fog


Happy Tuesday Amigos,

And it’s a bleak one at that, in Leeds anyway. I love cold miserable weather, partly because I’m used to it, and also because I adore winter clothes and layering. Summer clothes are my worst nightmare, I absolutely loathe dressing for the heat. But give me -2 degrees Celsius with a misty sky and I’m your gal!


This is a denim dress from ASOS tall section sale that cost only £17. In the (dreaded) summer it’d look great just on its own with some chunky platform sandals, but it’s also the perfect staple dress for A/W layering. It makes a change from the go-to winter pinafore that’s easiest to layer with, without moving to far out of the easy denim comfort zone.

This turtleneck is my absolute fave, I picked it up in H&M when I was about 17 for £7.99 if I remember rightly, and has been my failsafe looks-cool-without-trying top ever since! They don’t appear to stock that particular one anymore but I found a similar one but with a Breton stripe here.  I also love a stripes/leopard print clash. It’s my dream combination, and it always looks effortlessly Rock’n’roll in that Alexa Chung ‘I just threw this on’ kind of fashion.


I always get SO many compliments on these boots and they were an absolute steal in the Topshop sale a little over a year ago, £70, down to £35 and just £28 with 20% student discount at the time! (I never forget my best bargains, they are some of my fondest memories). Topshop are stocking a near enough identical pair this season here but they are still full price at the minute, roll on boxing day!

Hope you love this outfit, and appreciate the moody ominous photography in the fog (kudos to Jack).


Have a fab week, and I will catch up with you soon!



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