The Horse Whisperer

Good evening guys,

The festive season is upon us and I’m super excited to return to the north east and snuggle up in a CLEAN HOUSE(?!) *shudders at state of student house*. Winter is a time best spent at home, on a bed with fresh sheets, fleecey pyjamas and with a constant flow of hot chocolate and gravy.

This post is a bit random, me and Jack decided to go for an impromptu walk today and there were some v majestic horses kicking about, so we thought why not catch me at one with nature for the blog.

I plan to put out a lot more quality content over Christmas, mainly because I can bully my sister into taking photos a lot more than an occasionally unwilling boyfriend! She’s also more keen to tilt the camera and play about with different angles so I look a bit slimmer, which is always a bonus.

But maybe I’m just making excuses for the fact I’m fatter than I used to be and this bod just ain’t photogenic no more.

We will see.

Also, my first semester of 3rd yearis done teaching wise! I have my dissertation drafts, And one essay due in January for this semesters module but still a massive weight has been lifted. It feels great on one hand to have stuff done, but terribly sad and scary that I’m HALFWAY THROUGH THIRD YEAR. Eek

I’m so not ready to adult.

Red Silk Shirt- Gap via Charity Shop Jeans- BDG @ UO Coat- Primark Fishnet socks- Primark Shoes- Dr Martens
Thanks for reading this mad mismatch of a post, let’s pray the next one makes more sense!



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