Stress-Free Summer Dressing


Good Evening all,

I hope you’ve all had an incredible weekend and made the most of this, rather rare, April sun. Despite Uni work being at an all time high and hand in dates drawing near, I gave myself the weekend off. Not that I deserved it, I just seem to give myself a lot of ‘breaks’, when in reality I really should’ve spent the last two days slaving over my dissertation. I have consequently set my alarm for 7am to make up all this lost time tomorrow!

For me, the sunny weather results in a whole load of anxiety. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I find summer dressing horrifying. I’m not one to feel the cold and I get hot and sweaty very easily, yet in the summer I like to show as little skin as possible. It’s quite a conflicting situation. Therefore, I try to opt for floaty, cool clothes that cover me up but don’t cause a melting sensation.






This Topshop dress ticks all my boxes, I’ve featured it on here a few months back but styled with tights and docs for a wintery look. Here worn in the sun, it is shown off  best, worn simply with a waist belt and converse. The dress is super lightweight and figure-flattering, creating a clean silhouette. However, the buttons are VERY unreliable; a rogue boob or knicker flash is inevitable. This is why I employ my boyfriend as main button watcher for the duration of time that I am wearing it!

Maxi/Midi length floaty dresses are perfect for this kind of weather, but my other stress-free summer Go-To’s would be a high-waisted wide leg trouser or floaty skirt of the same material as todays dress. The dress I featured in my last post is also the perfect thing to throw on mid-heatwave meltdown! I’m hoping to stock up on this kind of attire for my interrailing trip in June where I need clothes that are flattering, comfortable and city-wear appropriate, I will keep you updated on any purchases I make!







Have a great week and thanks so much for reading!

Em     x

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