Tips for Surviving Final Year

Hello everyone hope you’re all well!

Easter is a time for chocolates and roasts, but for a lot of us it has came with a side order of increased stress levels and regular meltdowns!

I’m currently in my final year of uni, time is slipping away before my eyes and the end is near. It’s a mixed bag of emotions; excited for the studying to be over but sad to be leaving Leeds and education forever.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve witnessed myself and my pals go through a whole scale of emotions. We’ve gone from smashing the library with a coffee in hand to crying into a pint of shitty lager. Here I’ve compiled a range of tips and tricks I use to help keep your head above water.


1. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Ah, the wise words of young Jess Glynne. Being your own worst enemy will only result in more stress and consequently rushed work, that’s probably not to your best ability. Believe in yourself and do your best, but there’s no need to put such a weight on your shoulders that it ends up dragging you down.

2. Never underestimate a coffee break

When you’re 5 hours into a library sesh and every inch of your sanity has slipped away, a hot drink is only a short walk away. Whether you’re a coffee gal or just fancy a hot choccy, a hot drink can work wonders. As can a natter with your pals alongside drinking said drink.


3. Get Dressed

Now then, in not assuming you’re all sat in your birthday suit typing your dissertation, but what I’m getting at here is getting out of your pyjamas. It can seriously kick start the motivation process. I know tip doesn’t apply to everyone, but if I spend 15/20 mins brushing my hair (for once) and whacking on some proper clothes, I instantly feel a lot more ready to seize the day.

4. List your life away

I’ve made it very clear on here before that I bloody love a list. Even if the only thing I tick off is ‘get out of bed’, the satisfaction of ticking a box makes me feel like I’ve done a whole lot more! Lists are not only good for satisfactory reasons, but they’re also great for when you come to work/revise and don’t know where to start. They help to organise your days and tasks for you. Plus, with some glitter gel pens they can look really pretty too!



Best of luck to all of you facing any revision/deadlines etc, hope we all smash it! These tips are simple, but can sometimes make a world of difference, particularly where coffee is involved…

Thanks for reading,

Em    x



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