End of an Era

Hi all,

Today I’m feeling rather sentimental and emosh (as I do most days, damn you hormones), and have been thinking about how much my life is changing in the space of a month.

On the 12th may I finish university, and a fortnight later I’m moving out of Leeds (presumably forever). It’s bittersweet. I’m sad to leave behind friends, favourite places, memories, and perhaps the most upsetting of all; being only a 10minute walk from nandos.

Throughout this time I’ve learnt a hell of a lot about myself, especially in the last year or so. I’ve also learnt quite a bit about life I’d like to think, at least the important things like what to order from wetherspoons – always the gourmet chicken burger. Here I’ve compiled a short but sweet list of what I’ve came away with, other than £27,000 in tuition fees and a 2 stone weight gain.

Sarah , Jamie and our German pals for the night Christian and Kevin
The original crew, taking 90s night by storm
1. Living in a city is amazing.

Everything is right on your doorstep; from topshop to KFC. You can’t really beat it 

2. Living in a city also means people aren’t as friendly

Don’t get me wrong, as city’s go Leeds is pretty friendly, but nowts as better or as welcoming as good old County Durham.

3. I HATE nightclubs 

After years of trying to stick with the status quo I’ve admitted out loud what I knew from day one, I hate clubs. I love a good bar, and especially an old mans pub, but I’ll leave nightclubs to the freshers.

4. You really do meet some strange people

Not naming names but I’ve met some right characters in the last 3 years from all walks of life, and they’ve certainly made for some good anecdotes (Banterlopes I’m looking at you 😉)

The gals being grannies on the shortest Otley run in existence

5. Family becomes even more important

I’ve always been extremely family orientated, but the shift from being 18 and never answering my phone to now at 21 ringing my Mam upteen times a day is remarkable.

6. Even in third year, people will walk into your lecture who you’ve never seen before

You’ll hear the whispers when they walk in, “who the f*ck is he?!” And I bet ya a fiver the bastards walk out with a first.

Dead Spice Girls, completely unoriginal but v fun. My finger wig and dress remain under my bed ready to come out once more

7. There’s no time for regrets

Everyone does some absolutley STUPID shit at uni, so just learn from it and move on. It’s essential to make mistakes in order to grow up, but hopefully we all still get a degree in the end 🙏🏼

8. The memories will last forever

Let’s end on a cheesy one eh?! Although the time flies by, it’s such an important and crazy time in your life that you’ll never let it go. The people you met at uni may be friends for life, and the kebabs you ate may remain inches round your stomach forever. Rajas #neverforget

Handing in the 12,000 words that temporarily ruined my life
Thanks for reading all! 

I’ve included some pics of memories throughout uni as well. Just to add to the nostalgia.

Em x

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