Fashion in Film #3 Pretty Woman



“In case I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight.”

I had to. I couldn’t continue my fashion in film series without dedicating one to the beautiful whirlwind that is Vivienne (Julia Roberts) in Pretty Woman. The ultimate romantic comedy that gets me tearing up every single time.

Not only is Pretty Woman a stand-out film for its performances by Gere and Roberts, alongside the charming narrative, it’s also FULL of beautiful clothes. From the show-stopping red dress Vivienne wears to the Opera to the good old Levis, white tee and Blazer combo in the final scene of the movie. Her whole wardrobe is stunning, even the ‘hooker dress’ is a work of art on Julia’s bod. I chose to base my look on the timeless polka dot dress Vivienne wears to the polo match (see here), I thought through the versatile cut, shape and print of this dress, its easy to put your own stamp on the look whilst paying homage to the original.


My polka dot dress was a steal at £7 from the store Vintage inclined on ASOS Marketplace, but being a classic dress you can find similar styles here. I paired mine with a classic pointed boot, as you certainly won’t catch me in a pair of white court shoes like Vivienne! I tied my hair up for once for the occasion, and chose to show this off with a vintage statement earring.


Edward:  “So what happens after he climbs up and rescues her?”

Vivienne: “She rescues him right back”


If you’ve never seen Pretty Woman I’d highly recommend, it’s a real feel-good film. However, be warned as it’ll leave you envious of Julia Roberts in every possible way, she is SO naturally gorgeous and makes me want to make the most of my curly locks… and maybe go to the gym for 496 days straight.

Thanks for reading again!

Em   x



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