The £4 Dress






Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE a bargain. I don’t know how anyone can’t! When it comes to my beloved wardrobe, second hand is my go to. Yes I adore the high street, but vintage and second-hand is my preferred choice. It’s more ethical, cheaper and it makes your pieces more unique (unlike THAT Topshop dress that everyone and their dog is wearing).

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pre-worn clothing, as long as it’s not starting to look like a moths chewed most of it. Just shove it in the wash and it’s as good as new.

Where I live in Leeds, the student area of Headingley, there’s loads of fab charity shops along Otley road. They can be hit or miss, and you have to do a lot of rummaging, but occasionally you strike gold. I’ve scored a Jigsaw wool camel coat (retail for around £100-200+ for £14), a brand new Zara biker jacket for £9.99, as well as plenty of jazzy shirts for less than a fiver.






Last week I found this wonderful pink floral dress. On the hanger it looked like something your nana might wear for a national holidays to Devon, but belted and styled accordingly it’s a great piece. It’s a size 14 and I normally wear a 10 in dresses, but due to its flowy nature it looks fab waist belted with the rest of the fabric flowing.

Oh, and it was £4?!

The lightweight fabric and midi length will be perfect for my interrailing trip in June, and appropriate for city day wear.




I paired it with my fishnets under for added interest, and a slice of warmth. My ASOS waist belt is amazing, it does its job brilliantly with jeans as well and is just what I’ve been after for a while.

I then finished the look off with my vagabond ankle boots and bargain eBay sunglasses, all of which I’ve linked (or similar) below.
Thanks for reading, and make sure to check out your local charity shop! There’s definitely a treasure trove for unique show stopping pieces as well as some cheap and cheerful basics.

Em    X



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