Blown Rose


 Spring has finally Sprung, the sun is shining and with the temperature tipping  13 degrees Celsius, this Mackem gal has abandoned her coat! In my hometown the bikinis come out when it hits 20, literally.

As we all know, glorious weather calls for a fun and colourful outfit, so here I am!

Red seems to be the colour of the season, which is perfect for me, because not only is it my personal favourite but it also makes me look a bit less dead. #palegirllife

Today was my first outing of this beaut Pull and Bear Bardot top. Quel Suprise, it’s gingham! Just like everything else is on the high street is atm. I have to say I’m a sucker for gingham, it is just so summery and brings back all those primary school summer dress memories. 

My top today also features a teeny weeny Rose, which was my excuse to name today’s post after one of my favourite Blossoms tracks ‘Blown Rose’!

I paired the top with my red faux-suede lace up boohoo skirt, and cos Em doesn’t get her legs out for anyone, black opaques and my docs. I really must start wearing another shoe. I think I’m going to try and delve into the loafer variety.. But we will see.

To bring another cheeky splash of my beloved red in to the look, I wore my INCREDIBLE new Coach watch I received for my 21st off my nana and grandad. Isn’t it dreamy?!

I’m normally a winter gal through and through when it comes to dressing, I hate getting my legs/tummy/anything out. But this kind of weather (when it stays below 20) is a perfect excuse to wear a fun outfit and not have to cover it with a big coat, without the fear of the thigh bearing! 

Thanks for reading, have an amazing weekend and make the most of the sun!

Em   X

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