Zebra is the new black

Hey all!

Leopard print is my equivalent to black, I LIVE IN IT. Some people strictly associate it with Bette Lynch or women of the night, but I bloody well love it. So much so, that I’ve grown a tiny bit bored of it *writes whilst wearing fleecey pink leopard print bottoms complete with matching leopard print dressing gown*.

I’ve been feeling like I should focus my energy and outfits towards another print, one of equal fun and garishness. Alas, also of the animal variety, my attention has turned to zebra print.


Monochrome has always been stylish and versatile, so the typically black/white print fits in with a basic capsule wardrobe while adding a little pizazz. It also adds a little Rock n roll I feel, and despite my sister saying I resembled Justin lead singer of ‘The Darkness’ in this top, I’m really feeling it!

Currently, the print is a bit more difficult to get your hands on than a standard stripe or polka dot, but I’m determined to expand my collection!

IMG_1015 (2)IMG_1003IMG_1017


I’ve linked a few fun zebra pieces below, but today I paired the print (a top I got Topshop via a Depop seller for just £11), with the cow vintage velvet blazer featured in my last post. I’ve never really been one for tailoring, but I loved the simple silhouette and colour combo of the all black ASOS Jean & blazer, then paired with my trusty black Dr. Martens it allows the print to really stand out.



My look today is a discrete way to style the print, but I am DYING for a sassy pair of red wide leg trousers to team with the top for more of a springtime statement. If anyone knows of any on the high street/online for a good price help a gal out!

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Em   x

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