21 things

Hi all I hope you’ve had an amazing week!

Yesterday was my 21st Birthday, so I’ve had a jam packed weekend full of cake, gin and presents! It’s been fab, so it’s a bit of a comedown typing this now in the uni library staring at my (fairly poor thus far) dissertation. 

Every birthday comes with a unavoidable grievance of youth, at 21 I’m hardly whizzing down Woodhouse Lane on my mobility scooter whilst sucking on a Werthers Original, but I can’t help but feel a little scared by how quickly time is passing.

But to look on the bright side and reflect I thought today Id share 21 things I’ve learnt about myself in 21 years; some will be pointless some will hopefully be quite moving. We’ll see.

1 I get bored incredibly easily

My attention span is very short, I need to be constantly entertained otherwise I will go to the cupboard and eat my bodyweight in Doritos.

2 there’s no place like home

Dorothy had it all Sussed out. At 18 I couldn’t wait to get away and create a new exciting life. But 3 years older, and I’d like to think wiser, there’s nowt better than venturing back to the promised land. 

3 Nice boys finish first

However attractive that dickhead down the road may be, avoid gals, avoid.

4 Food is your best friend and Worst enemy

As a girl who’s done her fair share of comfort eating, me and food go way back. It’s all about finding the balance between enjoying food, and not relying on it.

5 Periods are the devil

Enough said.

6 You get what you pay for with bras

I have been partial to the £4 ASDA spesh, but if you don’t want your underwire to stab you in the ribs then it’s worth spending a little more.

7 Fashion should be FUN

Don’t prescribe yourself to an identity, dress however you want, whenever.

8 No TV series will ever satisfy your soul the way Gossip Girl did

Chair forever.

9 it’s okay not to know what you want to do with your life

I’ve long stressed over future career aspects, plans etc. But the truth is most people don’t have a plan, we all make it up as we go along.

10 Don’t mix Jäger with wine with lager

Pretty self explainable. 

11 Manchester is the best (minus Seaham)

Having a mancunian boyfriend has meant I’ve got to explore it’s exciting vibrant streets and fallen in love (with Manchester and Jack).

12 With age, comes a love for candles 

All of a sudden it just appears, I don’t know why.


This one is difficult, and I’m still learning how to do so. But for the sake of your own sanity, don’t spend all night scrolling Instagram crying into a kebab. ENJOY THAT KEBAB!

My beautiful sister and I

14 I’m addicted to Diet Coke

Trying to cut down. V much struggling.

15 All spare money should go towards travel

Yes I love clothes, food and I go on a heck of a lot of train journeys, but travel is incredibly important. Holidays are the memories you’ll have forever; not that striped tee you picked up in the Zara sale.

16 I’m a last minute kinda gal

I wish I was super organised, motivated and business savvy, but I’m really not.

17 Jackets are everything

When you live in Northern England no outfit is complete without a great coat or jacket, that’s why it’s totally justifiable to have 23 of them…

18 Homeware is life

Similar to that of the candle region, I don’t know what it is but I’m obsessed. I’m TOO excited to have my own flat/house just to go out and buy the best cushions you’ve ever seen.

19 Family is everything

I’ve always known this, but as you get older it becomes more and more apparent, and I’m incredibly lucky that my family are amazing.

20 Cheese

Id probably bathe in it if I could, it is the food of gods.

21 Starting this blog has been the best thing I’ve done in a while

I might not get the most views, or have the best pictures, but what it has done for my confidence has been phenomenal. I love fashion and I’m extremely passionate about all the things I discuss on here, if one person is reading it or 1000, it makes my day. 

Thanks for reading this long post!

Emily Rose x

P.S this is also my 50th blog post! YAY

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