Overcoming my Fear

Hello all,

The title of this post may seem very ominous; what is it I have overcome? Have I spent the night in a forest to overcome arachnophobia, have I spent the day on the London Eye conquering fears of heights, or have I just spent a good few hours looking at crumpets to rid myself of Trypophobia. No my friends.

I have battled a much less sinister demon. The one they call, jeans.

For many, jeans are an effortless staple, something you can throw on as a fail safe. For me, they’ve been a nightmare. As a slim size 8 18year old battling BDD, I ‘couldn’t bare’ to see my *then none existent* thighs wrapped in the finest denim topshop can buy. I felt jeans drew attention to my legs, my least favourite part of my body, and I couldn’t find a pair that I really liked.

Nowadays, 2 years older and 2 stone heavier, I’m finally starting to embrace the comfort of a good pair of jeans.

My first dip into the pool of jeans was with my trusty BDG girlfriend style pairs, which I had in light wash blue and washed black. All was well in the world, until the black pair decided to come away at the seam and reveal my bare Arse to half of a London nightclub.

I was desperate for another black pair, but not so willing to fork out another £55.

I found these slim mom jeans on Asos, for me they fit pretty much like a skinny but not as tight on the ankles. I find this to be a more flattering cut than the super skinny look I used to don. They were only £32, £28.80 with student discount, so a fab price for high quality thick denim that also has a stretch.

I’d highly recommend these jeans, the dark wash is versatile as well as slimming and they also have a high waist, which is an essential for me. I paired them today with my trusty H&M stripe rollneck, layered under a silk red gap shirt which I found in a charity shop for £3! My leather jacket, which is from Zara men, I also found in my local charity shop for £9!!! Just call me David Dickinson.

Thanks for reading!

Em x

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