Stay at Home Sunday Girl #6

Happy Sunday to you all!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but I’ve recently discovered (or in many cases rediscovered) a lot of faves that I’m desperate to share with you, and I thought why not compile them all in one place!

The last few weeks I’ve been getting back into music in a big way, alongside spending countless hours on Netflix (perhaps not something I’m most proud of but an achievement none the less). This combined with a lack of motivation to be up and about, has led me to really slip back into the pop culture sphere, and attempt to place my finger back upon the zeitgeist!








In the last few weeks I have majorly rediscovered a bunch of bands I loved back when I first started Uni, namely The Wytches and Baby Strange. Both are incredible bands you should indefinitely give a listen. My starting recommendations for both would be Crying Clown or Wire Frame Mattress by The Wytches, and VVV or Pure Evil by Baby Strange.

Another must-watch is this cover of Disclosure’s ‘White Noise’ by one of my all time favourite bands; Peace. I lived and breathed this cover when it first came out, and I have rekindled my adoration for it over the last week or so! Also, Peace have new music coming out atm as well as a UK tour in a few months time, so I’m pretty buzzing about that too!




This week I have continued reading ‘Nasty Women: A collection of essays and accounts of what it’s like to be a woman in the 21st Century’. Each essay is an interesting and wholly unique read that delves deep into the different aspects of life as a woman; from the anatomical, to the injustice we often face. The essay’s I have read in the last week that have really struck a chord are ‘Against Stereotypes: Working Class Girls and Working Class Art’ by Laura Waddell and ‘Go Home’ by Sim Bajwa.

Also this Guardian Article surrounding the apparent unreliability of women’s voices in wake of #MeToo, and the undermining of their lived events, really got me thinking and angered. I recently watched Rose McGowan’s documentary ‘Citizen Rose’, and I was truly moved and horrified at people’s lack of belief and support for victims of sexual harassment and abuse.




Besides my incessant binge watching of Friends (there’s a lot to get through!), I have watched a number of other series/film the last few weeks.

I recently watched the social-media-hyped Netflix series ‘End of the F*cking World’; which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I thought the lead two actors were extraordinary! – I’d highly recommend (and the episodes are just 20mins long so you can easily do the whole series in one sitting)

I’ve also been getting right back into YouTube; I really like to indulge in a range of fashion/styling content to serve as inspiration, mixed up with a few good old vlogs to put me in a great mood and to relax. I’m subscribed to many channels, but my old faithful’s fall in the form of Lizzy Hadfield, Liv Purvis, Mika Francis and Megan Ellaby.








I really hope you’ve enjoyed my recommendations for the week!

Please leave me any of your own in the comments, as I’d really like to continue the roll I’m on when it comes to reading/watching/listening to as much as I can!

For weekly fashion inspiration, make sure to check out my Instagram @emilyrosejacko as I add a stories highlight every week with all my current inspo.

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