Guitars and Nostalgia

Are there really many experiences that measure up to be as good as live music?

Besides demolishing an extra large pizza, probably not.


I discussed my reconnection and refound appreciation for gigs in this post, but sadly history has once again repeated itself – No the Chamber of Secrets has not been opened, but I have once again made a promise to myself, that I was unable to keep.

Me after my last gig – “OMG! That was incredible, I’ll definitely go to more gigs, I forgot how much I love live music!”

However, my current tally of gigs from the last year (since Jan 2017) sits at a measly 4.

4?! Utterly pathetic for someone who loves music as much as I do. It may be quality over quantity but still!?






But instead of moping about focusing on the negatives, I thought I’d make today’s post a positive one, sharing a few of my many live band recommendations and best concerts/gigs.

Obviously a lot of these live band/artist recommendations are conceptual; relative perhaps to that evening, that tour, and in some cases my mood and mental state at the time.

I know for a fact that many of my friends that have seen some of the bands in my following list, found their experience of the band’s gig rather lacklustre and unimpressive. Personal taste and chance come into play, but the majority of the following list, in my unbiased opinion were INCREDIBLE. I’d highly recommend.

From mod-tastic performances, to raw haunting vocals, here we go…






Wolf Alice

I’ve seen Wolf Alice three times since my inaugural gig with the North London four-piece back in May 2014 and I have to say, they really have gone from strength to strength.

All three times seeing them live they gave an excellent performance that, thanks to Ellie’s haunting vocals combined with Joff’s dazzlingly powerful guitar work, can strike you with every emotion.

The stand out gig for me was just two months ago at Newcastle Academy, touring their newest album ‘Visions of a Life’, I was utterly awe-struck after their set, and have had them playing on repeat ever since. ‘Don’t delete the kisses’ is my anthem.


Miles Kane

Back in 2012, I rather thoughtlessly got a ticket to see Miles Kane play Newcastle on his ‘Don’t forget who you are’ tour. My main reason for going was to accompany a friend; prior to this gig I had been a massive fan of Last Shadow Puppets, but had no real interest or knowledge of Miles’ solo work besides ‘Closer’ and ‘Inhaler’.

This gig really changed my mind, the atmosphere in the room was electric and Miles sold his soul to the music he was performing; giving all he had and making for a phenomenal performance.

That gig solidified ‘Don’t forget who you are’ as THE album for that time of my life, looking back I’ll always associate being 16/17 with those songs, and that night.


The Cribs

The Wakey boys sit right up there in joint first with Arctic Monkeys as my all time favourite band (the Monkeys might just top them for the nostalgia they conjure).

I bloody love The Cribs, and again I’ve been lucky enough to see them four times, at four rather different points in my life, which has seen the gigs consequently affect me in very different ways.

In terms of pure euphoria, I caught them on the ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever’ Album 10 year anniversary tour last May, and it was insane. Seeing ‘Be Safe’ live, a whopping 10 years on from the initial release, after all the times I’ve blasted it on repeat made me sob – real tears. I’ve never cried at a gig before, despite being a compulsive crier in real life, but something about that night really struck a chord with me; I felt wildly emotional, energised and madly in love with music once again (although we never really fell out of love).





I’m going to leave it at that for today. I have many more incredible gig memories and recommendations but I’d be here all day if I wanted to list them. Not to mention the sentimental feels would probably be too much and I’d be sat here weeping, drinking a Heineken and slurring the lyrics to ‘Cornerstone.’

Maybe another day, eh



I’ve combined this live music related post with a very gig-appropriate outfit – perhaps minus the hat, not ideal if you’re stood behind someone sloshing around a 2 pint tumbler of Tuborg.




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