Goals for the Year Ahead

Looking back at my goals for 2017, I managed to achieve a good half of them.

Not ticking them all of my list is not something I’m terribly proud of, but I certainly hope to improve my track record this year!

I’m going to set myself some of the goals I didn’t quite complete last year, as well as some challenging newbies in order to get myself motivated, and get my lazy arse out of the Netflix and carb-overload zone.







Video content is so exciting and expressive, not to mention increasingly popular, I truly will be missing a trick if I don’t up and board the bandwagon soon. I’ve been meaning to create video for a while now, and I really wish I’d shot more video on last year’s travels, but it’s never too late, eh?! Even if I just gather enough video for a video every two months or so, it’s a start.




This is a slightly more vanity-based goal but it’s also one that takes into account my health. I’m not overweight but I’m definitely not the slim-Jim I once was, nor do I feel fit or comfortable most of the time. My shitty diet leaves me predominately feeling sluggish and lazy; most of my week nights you’ll find me stomping around the house draped in a blanket like some snuggly Jabba the Hutt.

I have a pair of incredible vintage leather trousers, they’re like some Debbie Harry-infused dream and I can just about get them to cover half my thighs. I want to glide around in them as soon as possible, and feel like a million dollars (which will possibly be achieved by eating a lot more vegetables than I currently do, that being a daily potato, which doesn’t really count!!!)




Last year I was lucky enough to travel extensively and visit some unbelievable places. Although I know it will be harder to find time to travel now, giving I’m on the daily grind working full-time, but I really want to utilise my free time wisely, even if it just means travelling to different cities in the UK on my weekends.







This one is as ambitious as it is self-explanatory. I truly fell back in love with reading last year, and after a childhood-long obsession with books I want to continue our love affair. 50 is a pretty high target, but why not aim high. I start this list of with ‘Nasty Women’, which I’m currently halfway through. Bring on the forty nine more!




I have successfully not touched meat for 7 months, something I’m very proud of, and never really thought I could do. However I am fully aware of the similarly devastating effects the dairy industry has. At the current time, I have sadly classed myself as too selfish, and without a healthy balanced enough diet to successfully cut out all animal products. I really hope to eventually eat a plant-based diet, and I’m going to attempt to achieve this by starting with one vegan day a week, and increase this as the year goes on.







At the moment I am really enjoying being back home, and I don’t see this being the last time I call my family home my full-time residence, but I would like (probably towards the very end of the year) to take the next step in life and move in with my boyfriend. We’ve been together for 3 years come a fortnight’s time, and we’ve spent our whole relationship somewhat long distance. Therefore sooner rather than later, we both hope to get our own place. Truthfully, I already have a Pinterest board entitled ‘Our Sassy House’, and I’m just buzzing to buy all the home décor I can get my hands on!




I adore writing my blog, I’ve mentioned it many times before, but writing is my passion and it gives me great pleasure to discuss everything from important issues I care about, to simple yet relatable aspects of my life. Particularly in terms of images and layout I really hope to transform this blog, and elevate its presence, whilst at the same time trying to get out two posts a week. The latter of which will get a lot easier once the days start getting longer, and I don’t leave and return from work in complete darkness!






Thank you for taking the time to read this, and best of luck with any goals you have set yourself for this next year. Just remember not to punish yourself for any you haven’t fulfilled, they aren’t failures, just use them as further motivation for any other things you set out to do. I’m very self-critical, but I’m attempting to channel any feelings of disappointment into drive, stopping self-loathing and replacing it with motivation! YOU GO GIRL!






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