2017 – Things I’ve Learnt

I’m going to jump aboard the New Year bandwagon, reflecting on the past year by sharing some pearls of wisdom I’ve collected during the last twelve months; some trivial and some genuine, sincere advice.

So here it is, as unoriginal, but hopefully more entertaining and light-hearted than it sounds, 17 things I’ve learnt in 2017.




As much as you spent three years moaning about being there, you will miss Uni. A lot.


Going vegetarian won’t make you eat any more vegetables. But it will increase your chip consumption, ten-fold.


Reality TV may be the devil, but boy is she addictive. After all these years of resisting, I have fell down a TOWIE hole, and I’ve fallen hard.


Travelling is what you should spend the vast majority of your money on.






Friends are really important.


You’re better at things than you give yourself credit for, you slay chantay.


Life is too boring to wear black (most of the time). Drape yourself in as most colour, print and texture as you can. Embrace the stares, don’t shy away in embarrassment.


Gilmore girls is, and always will be the best thing to grace this earth – yes, even better than pizza.


Following on nicely from my last point – Lorelai Gilmore is my spirit animal


Being weird is ten times better than being boring





You can’t please everyone – I’m still working on this one, but it’s slowly coming into realisation.


Not eating meat has certainly been worth turning down the occasional Big Mac.


Leeds wasn’t so bad.


Having a long(er than before) distance relationship is hard, but it is worth it when it’s with the person you love.


Family is EVERYTHING. I’ve always known this, but this year more than ever, the importance and value of family has shone through and I’m lucky to be blessed with such an amazing one.


Moving back home was difficult at first, but it ain’t too bad, especially when you have sassy new wallpaper.


Don’t settle. I learnt this after a tireless and frankly crushing job search. You start to feel like you’re not good enough, but persistence pays off and I’m now lucky enough to have a full-time job where I am paid for my passion; writing.




Strolling into 2018 like…




I hope you all start 2018 off on the right foot, but do try to remember that despite all this new year talk that saturates social media, time is solely a concept. You don’t need a new year, or even a new day for a ‘fresh start’. Any moment is appropriate for self-evaluation, planning, nostalgia or even a change.






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