Being an Oxymoron is Okay




Even from a very young age, it’s as though I’ve had two completely different personalities. Quiet as a mouse in primary school, and an annoying loud terror at home. I’ve always been  a person who easily sits at both sides of the spectrum.

One second I’m carefree and enigmatic, dancing around the city centre as though no one’s watching, and the next second I’m an uptight control freak who can’t seem to ‘let loose.’

The point of this is, I’ve finally learnt that it’s okay to be all these things.

The fad of ‘finding yourself’ is ever fashionable these days, from going on a gap year to Thailand or taking a personality quiz on cosmopolitan, we are all desperately keen to define ourselves.

Sum yourself up in 3 words” the interviewer asks.

But why should all the elements of our personality be summarised by a few tick boxes?

Introvert, extrovert, whatever. You can be anything or everything. People like to put you in a box and categorise you, but truthfully, we are all so unique that limiting what makes us special to a few words can be demonizing and under appreciative of our quirky characteristics.

We should never limit ourselves.

I always wondered “which friend am I?”; the crazy one, the loud one etc. but creating these personas and labels puts unnecessary pressure not only on our friendships, but also on ourselves.



Metallic Rib Knit- Urban Outfitters   Rose Gold Boots- River Island   Velvet Trousers- River Island   Star Choker- Zara


I also tried long and hard to find a niche in terms of fashion, was I indie, bohemian or lets be honest just an Alexa Chung wannabe?! – aren’t we all *sigh*

But the truth is, fashion, like personality, isn’t fixed. It can be conflicting and interlocking and damn right confusing.

We don’t sign a contract that legally bounds us to be ‘the funny one’ for the rest of our lives. So its ok to be sad, it’s ok to be wild and it’s damn right ok to be shy.

The more we embrace all aspects of our personalities, the more at peace we will be with ourselves, and the more accepting we will become of others.



Thanks for reading this rambly rant, I hope you drew some meaning from it!







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