A Definitive Guide to Nomadic Life

Hello all,

As some of you who know me personally will indeed be aware of, or Even those who are simply confused by the range of locations of photos on my Instagram, I am never in one place for very long.

Being a student in Leeds, with a boyfriend in Manchester and originating from the North East, I can find myself spending a good portion of my life on the train or the megabus. Fun, I know. 

Despite travelling sometimes being exhausting and the fact I spend a considerable amount of money on public transport, I also know I’m incredibly lucky. Not many people at 20 years old can say they know 3 cities/towns (considerably) well, and get to enjoy the delights of them all on a weekly basis.


Sometimes I do feel like a nomad, my friends and family often get confused about my whereabouts from day to day. “Imagine being me” I say, but I do have a few top tips for the travelling guy/gal, whether you travel with work a lot, or like me your partner lives elsewhere.

1. Don’t plan to be productive on trains

I understand this doesn’t stand for some people, your productive juices may flow to the max when aboard the railway. But for me, especially when on the packed-like-sardines Leeds to Manchester train, productivity is a no go. The last thing I wanna do whilst sandwiched between an old couple from dewsbury and a couple of teens playing Skepta out of their iPhones is write an essay. Fair enough light reading may be accomplished, but anything more I’ll save for the library thanks.

2. Try not to waste all your 3G, read a book

I struggle definitively with this one, EE could tell you that. WHEN ARE ALL TRAINS GONNA HAVE WIFI?! Even most sodding megabuses have it. It’s oh so tempting to have a quick 47 refreshes of your insta feed between Darlington and York, but really I could be saving my money and brain cells by cracking open a book. 

3. Don’t complain, embrace!

Another thing I’m occasionally guilty of. Travelling does lead to fatigue, it may only be hour journeys I’m doing the majority of the time but it does all add up. Especially when the tiredness is paired up with increasing transport prices. But as fore mentioned I am extremely lucky to experience 3 uniquely brilliant northern towns and cities across 3 counties.

4. Keep a Diary

I love to write. Hence this blog. I recently discovered an old diary from a trip to Disneyland Paris when I was 8, and as well as it being extremely cute to look  back at my little drawings of the castle and my family on the plane, I was also so thankful to my younger self for documenting memories and allowing myself to relive them 12 years later. Travel writing is always the most magical; whether that be between Thailand and Vietnam or just Huddersfield and Stalybridge!! So I promise to document my life, no matter how mundane my day may be!

I know my travelling may seem excessive to some but my love ones mean the world, and if I can afford to go home and see my family every few weeks I will.

Same goes for ‘long distance relationships’, although Jack is only an hour away, a lot of couples who live in different cities like us, choose to see eachother once a fortnight or so. Me and Jack could do that, it would save us both a lot of money, but as cheesy as it sounds we love being together. So we opt to do otherwise.

If the reason you are constantly moving is motivated by something you’re passionate about. Then do it.


Em x

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