Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I’ve never been a calm person. As much as I’ve yearned to be that chilled out babe who doesn’t give a fuck about anything, I just can’t switch off.

I’m either up or down. A ray of sunshine, or a sulking creature.

As a child I suffered terribly with nightmares, I still do now. Dem cold sweats ain’t pretty. Whether I’m up all night worrying or actually catching some z’s it’s still occurring. Everyone tells you ‘Don’t worry’ ‘What’s the point in it’ ‘Chill out.’ But does that make it stop? Hell no.

And for a post about positivity, here is me looking like a miserable witch

As a species on a whole, far too many of us worry. What if this happens? What will they think if I wear this? What if I get leprosy? (-Ok, that last one was just me)…

So how do we combat this fateful foe that lives right inside our own Encephalons. Well friends, you can start with these 4 steps:


  1. Distraction

This method does not specifically address the problem, but it helps it go away, at least temporarily. The busier you are, the less time you have to worry. I know that bed looks awful comfy, but there’s a lot of thinking to be had there in those warm cosy sheets. Read a book, dance around your room to Rod Stewart. Then I can assure that you’re mind will be nowhere dangerous. Unless you class Rod’s Husky sensual vocals to be disruptive to your Heart.


2. Fake it till you make it

Easier said then done, yes, but the more you force a little smile the easier it becomes to crack one than a frown. I’m not saying to ignore your problem and treat it like it doesn’t matter, it does matter, you matter. But especially in terms of confidence, if you force yourself to walk with your head held high, it’ll start becoming habit.

Although I need to work on that last one, I have the posture of Quasimodo after a long day of ringing dem bells.


3. Go all Bridget Jones on that shit

A diary isn’t just something for blonde, fluffy pen adorning, American teens in the movies. Journals can be a very healing and self-medicating thing. To write down all your thoughts, and pour out all your emotions on a page is very therapeutic, plus the Diary isn’t gonna fight back and argue with what you have to say.

Unless of course Tom Riddle comes striding out, in that case destroy with a Basilisk fang immediately.

4. A Problem Shared Is a Problem Halved

The good old phrase my mam told me a few years back, and god is she right. It may be painful to say, but once said it’s a weight off your shoulders and you feel a great sense of pride in yourself for recognising how you feel and being able to share it. Whether this be talking to a friend, partner, family member or counsellor (trust me I’ve done the lot) it can be a very rewarding thing, and can in a lot of cases save you.

If someone you love reminds you how special you are and how much you are loved, it can bring your feet right back on the ground and you’ll start spurting out little bits of sunshine again like you’re the giggling lil sun from the teletubbies.


5. You don’t need a new day to start over, just a new mind set

All the power is within you. This ain’t no Jedi force stuff, this is the real deal. Developing a positive mind-set and changing the way you deal with worries/negative thoughts is essential to achieving true happiness. Because at the end of the day all the thoughts that swim around are brain are simply thoughts, not facts. Many of which are irrational and cause us to spiral into negativity.

I’m only on my way to practising what I’m preaching here, but it is certainly already helping me. Take a negative thought you have, say ‘I’m not good enough’, then think about what FACTS would truly constitute this thought to be true, and what would prove it to just be an irrational working of your brain.
Nobody else’s opinion constitutes as fact, what makes their thoughts truthful and not yours? Nothing.


Hoped this helped a few of you to stop stressing and to just DO. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, maintaining a positive mind-set is incredibly hard, particularly so for many of us.
I’ve long suffered with anxiety, as do a lot of young people, and I know how hard it can be. We all have shit days. But let’s try our best to radiate positivity, even when you feel like punching someone in the face 😉

Thanks again,





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