People Disapoint, Pizza is Eternal

Mod Pizza is an establishment new to Leeds, and is just a 10 minute walk from my house, it’s located within Cardigan Fields Leisure Park.

The whole concept is in the name, mod-ification. A standard 11″ pizza is £7.47, you are all given a doughy base (with a gluten free option available) and in a subway style counter set up, you choose exactly what you want on your pizza.

There is no limit to the number of toppings you can have; whether that be meat, veggies or cheese. Also, according to Mod’s website you are entitled to a free do-over if you don’t like your creation, but I’d be far too shy for that!

The drinks machine is an exciting affair and follows the same customisable style of the pizzas, countless different variations are available from the regular Sprite, Fanta and Pepsi. The combinations are endless.

My Rasberry Pepsi

For my pizza, I went for a traditional tomato base with mozzarella, sometimes you gotta go classic! 

For the meat I got grilled chicken, Canadian bacon and ground beef. Veggie wise, I got mushrooms, jalepenos, roasted garlic and roasted asparagus. On top of that I added a few more lashings of mozzarella and a drizzle of pesto to dress. Bellisimo.

Pizza de la Emmels

For £7.47 you really can’t argue

The staff were super helpful and friendly, helping us get to grips with how the place works and explaining the concept.
Mod pizza also offers a lunch deal, this consists of a smaller around 7/8″ pizza (I couldn’t find info online) for £5 which comes with a drink. Perfect for a smaller appetite or a lighter lunch. 

Jacks Lunchtime Deal

Jack opted for the lunch deal but I ended up having to give him a slice of my pizza. Never making that mistake again! You order a small, that’s all you’re getting son

They offer dairy free cheese, so it’s also great for vegans and lactose intolerants. Much more exciting than the usual limited option of vegan Margherita or just plain old garlic bread!

I’d definitely recommend Mod, even if just for once to go and try your hand at creating a personalised doughy masterpiece!


Em x 

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