To New Beginnings

Bonjourno all,

Just under a month ago I moved into my new student house in Leeds for my third year of university *weep*.

Uni really does fly by. With third year fast approaching, the question on most of our lips, what the fuck are we supposed to do after?

That remains a mystery, but I’m pretty hopeful it’ll involve working for a fashion brand or on a pirate ship, or both.

My new house has more of a homey feel than a student house, which I much prefer, especially since this is where all the hard work truly begins- don’t hold me to that when I begin my procrastination.

Also, I’m pretty much a certified nana, so I like a nice warm bed to come home to.

My room still needs a few touches to make it feel more personal and lived in, the walls are always so bare when you move in. However, I have placed a ban on blu tac due to disastrous past experience come the moving out period!

Here is a few little bits I’ve bought to give my room more character.

Yes, I have THAT cactus set from Ikea
Nothing screams “I’m a Student” than a mandala wall hanging. This beauty was only £6 from amazon. The seller was ‘Tapestry Home.’
Star hanging tealight holder- Urban Outfitters Sale
Skull tealight holder- Evolution   Artificial Plant & pot- Ikea   Morrocan Lantern Tealight holfer- Afflecks Manchester   Elephant- Bought from a market abroad


Scratch Map – Urban Outfitters


Overall, I’d say that I’ve settled in very well, I’m looking forward to bossing third year here and hopefully get that first! I was 0.7% off a first this year, so I need to get my arse in gear and do it!

My life revolves around lists at the minute, most of which I’m not ticking off, since breaking up for summer I feel as though I’ve wasted so much time. Better start carpe diem-ing, because before I know it I’ll be over run with stuff to do again!


Em x

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