The Rhodes Diaries – Part 3

Hey hey hey,

This is the final part of me boring you about the mountain of food I ate the other week! Please enjoy, and I promise I’ll try to spice up the content from here onwards!

Day 6

In order to actually find Kallithea Springs this time, we decided the safest solution was to get a taxi three, whilst en route paying attention to the road so we could get the bus back.

Upon arriving by the springs, we first walked down to the rocky cove beach to the ‘snack bar’, where we each had a hamburger straight from the bbq and tzatziki pitta to share.

The springs cost €3 each to enter, the building was stunning; adorned with colourful mosaics and greenery.


Beyond the springs was another hidden beach, this one much more exclusive with surrounding glamorous beach bars blasting out music, and probably a little out of our budget!

We had a little dip in the sea but couldn’t immerse ourselves properly because we were carrying a load of valuables! The water was sparkling clear, fresh out of the brochure.

After a few hours there we got the bus back to our hotel and had an afternoon siesta.

We went into Rhodes again that night, the buses were a hell of a lot busier as it was approaching peak season. We went in another restaurant in the old town square, not 2mins walk from where you get off the bus.

There we shared a ‘farmers pasta’; pasta with chicken, peppers, mushrooms and chilli, alongside another gyros!

Afterwards we explored the shops, I desperately wanted one of the beautiful mosaic lanterns for my bedroom but I doubt I could’ve got it home safely, considering my clumsy track record. Plastic cups for life.

I ended up buying nothing for myself the whole stretch of the holiday, I didn’t find the stuff to be particularly cheap or appropriate for English weather!

We walked the full stretch of the harbour after window shopping, past countless boats and the odd yacht before catching a taxi home.


Day 7

Our last full day on the island of Rodos! We had a bit of a lie in (as usual) and read our books on the balcony with a glass of Fanta lemon, which I drink exclusively on holiday, don’t ask why.

We then went to our fave local ‘Christo’s family tavern’ for a club sandwich and a pepperoni pizza to share for lunch.

For our last night in Rhodes town, I had a mini meltdown when I couldn’t decide what to wear, in the end I opted to wear Jacks topman shirt, which turned out looking pretty snazzy. I’ve considered swiping it for good!

We wanted to eat somewhere deep in the old town, tucked away from the busy streets. We found a beautiful taverna tucked up a winding corner, it had a romantic and friendly vibe, perfect for our last night.

We got the tapas deal for starter, half a bottle of wine and 6 little tapas dishes for  14 euros.
With that you got a big beans with tomato and spinach traditional dish, tzatziki, aubergine salad, a tuna salad, a puree type dish made from the big beans with caramelised orange and a beef meatball dish. They were served with a large basket of fresh from the oven thick cut bread.


The richness of the tapas, lead us to share a main course so we weren’t overloaded, we opted for the classic mix grill for 2 for 18euro. We wanted to get away for 10pm so Jack could watch the England game in a bar with a nice pint of Mythos, but by the time we’d asked for the bill, the match was 25mins in and all 3 goals had been scored.

Spotting Jack’s disappointment and being as hospitable as they were, the restaurant waiters invited us to watch it inside the restaurant by their kitchens. We watched it with one of the waiters’ father; he must’ve been at least 80, with a cigar drooping from his lips and his faced lined with character.

It all felt very romantic and cinematic so I decided to capture the moment by sitting down on a nearby bench and take in the landscape. But when I perched down upon the wooden bench, my arse went straight through the wood like it was a piece of paper, much to the amusement of nearby tourists! I laughed it off, but my god, it was a Bridget Jones moment.


Day 8

Checkout was at 12, we got up around 11 and quickly got everything sorted, said a little heartfelt goodbye to our room and plodded downstairs. All good, except for the fact the Thomsons coach wasn’t picking us up until 23:40. 12 HOURS TO KILL!
Not much exciting happened, we played approximately 23 games of cards, at 34 degrees we couldn’t face the conditions of the bus to town so we stayed around the hotel.

Dancing away room 210
For tea we went to Christo’s once more, I had a seafood pasta,  and jack opted for a traditional Greek lamb stew. After that we played countless games of pool, the table was free. Then went back to Castello di Rodi to say goodbye to our favourite creepy
barman and Faye and Aaron. Shortly after, the coach picked us up and off we were back to the land of the mancs.

Thanks for reading,

Em X

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