The Rhodes Diaries – Part 2

Hey All,

A big thanks for all you people that read part 1 of the diaries I was over the moon, this is part 2 and I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I am aware that 85% of the content is surrounding food, but you don’t put 2 stone on in your first term of uni by eating salad, girl loves her grub.

Day 3

Thursday had a rather delayed start due to copious amounts of alcohol consumed the night before!

After a few hours of lazing around feeling sorry for our now nurofen treated heads, we dragged ourselves out for dinner. We went to the restaurant ‘Medousa’ just a 5 minute walk from our hotel. We shared a gyros and a pizza, the gyros was cheap and cheerful with lashings of tasty meat, but I must be honest I’ve had better pizzas for 99p from farmfoods!

After that, we decided that a swim might inject some life in us, and it did just that. There were no sunbedsare left by this time in the afternoon (which was a regular occurrence) so we left our bag by the back wall and had a paddle! This is also where I learnt of Jack’s cowardly reaction to ‘cold’ water, grow some balls and jump in ya manc wuss!

He doesn’t know the harsh conditions us north east folk have faced being hurled into the North Sea since we were bairns!

trying to be cute but failing. Dress- Peacocks Hat- UO

We then went back to our room and got ready for our second night out in Rhodes town. Rather than have 1 big sit down meal we decided to have a walk about sampling food here and there.

We got a gyros pitta wrap from George’s Grill, a little bar restaurant just as you came into the old town from the main bus stop, just €2.70 for a small.

I also got halloumi as a side dish because it has been my lifelong dream to experience the pure joy of having more of the wondrous cheese than just those 2 beautiful slices on the side of my Nandos. It didn’t disappoint.

My Everything x
The Gaffer


We then wondered around a bit longer then decided to have a crepe and a drink at a bar which appeared to be owned by a parrot. What’s with the Greeks and parrots?! My crepe was smothered in lashings of Nutella and strawberries, yum.

We then decided to be the awkward sods we are and get hungry for a main immediately after eating a dessert. We got a pork souvlaki to share in a restaurant/cafe just over the road from the harbour, followed by a very full waddle over to the taxi rank.

Day 4

Rather than face the rejection yet again of not being able to attain a sun bed, simply because we can’t get out of bed before 10.30, we decided to make the most of Rhodes’ beautiful landscape and go to the beach.

We went to the one we visited on day2 , just a 10min walk from the hotel. The sunbeds were €5 each but we had a nice spot and an umbrella, so it was worth it for a few hours of comfort. After swimming and splashing in the sea a while we both read our books on the beds.

That week I read ‘Never let me go’ by Kazuo Ishiguro. It was unlike anything I’ve read before, and I’m considering writing a separate review on it as it drew up on a lot of big debates and questions for me.

We walked back to a restaurant a stones throw away from the hotel for lunch, where we shared a moussaka and yet another gyros.. There’s a theme developing here! After a nap and getting showered we decided to go and eat near Kallithea Springs.

co-ordinates- Select (belive to or not seaham harbour delivers occasionally) Jacks shirt- Topman

When we got on the bus the driver said he would inform us when to get off, well more and more time passed and we started to see bars and shops named after Faliraki. And as soon as the bus drove down the strip of slightly run down clubs, bustling bars and shops, we knew exactly where we were.

We decided to make the most of it and walked a little while out from the strip to find somewhere to eat, we chose a more traditional Greek Taverna.

Once again, we decided to order the mussels, which were gorgeous, I was keen to try more seafood while I was away but a lot of it was SO expensive! I didn’t want to take out another student loan just so I could try the Sea bass. Alongside that we got yet another pork souvlaki. When in Greece, eh.

After the meal, we decided to get back home on the bus soon to avoid paying the rate of a taxi later when it would be too dark to know where we were going! We went to The Parrot Bar near our hotel when we got of the bus, where I had a pina colada inside a REAL COCONUT. I nearly wet myself when it came out, white girl reaction 101.

After that we played one game of pool and I won, which is certainly a rare occasion!

Day 5

The Saturday was probably our laziest day yet, and the heat was so stifling that we struggled to even sit on the balcony and read our books. We ended up restreating back to the comforts of the air con more than once.

White Bralet- ASOS Denim Kirt- Primark

We couldn’t really be bothered to pack ourselves into a heaving bus, so we instead walked about 15mins to a restaurant we saw advertised in and around our hotel called ‘Panorama.’ Apparently even Roger Moore when there back int’day when he was filming ‘Escape to Athena’. The building itself was beautiful and traditional with, you guessed it… Panoramic views. Clues in da name.

day 5 a.jpg

nice bread there jacky?
Tin Man arms, don’t ask why

We had came out quite early after our lazy day, so we were the only ones there for a while. We ordered souvlaki, moussaka, tzatziki and pitta, with complimentary homemade bread on the side.


souvlaki after I’d already devoured half the potatoes

The meal was lovely, and the owners were super friendly, chatting away to us for a while after the meal, predominately about Man Utd which Jack was pleased about.

After the meal we went to watch Wales play Northern Ireland at ‘Christo’s Family Tavern’, we each had a cocktail and celebrated Wales winning, before going back to our hotel to rest.

A blue Lagoon (which made my teeth blue for a good hour) and a very manly Strawberry Colada for Jack – I was pleased though as its a step up from his usual Woo Woo


Em X

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