I'm a long sufferer of anxiety, and after countless years I began to just accept it as being 'a part of me.' The more others painted it to be a huge part of my personality, the more I came to see myself as solely that. "I'm just a massive worrier" "I'm a drama queen" … Continue reading STOP, MEDITATE AND LISTEN


Consumed by Consumerism?

  I wear fast fashion,Β work for a retailer, and I eat packaged (and sadly also often processed) foods. I can't help but admit that consumerism has somewhat consumed me.   Despite making active steps towards a more sustainable life, such as giving up meat, I still have a long way to go. We so often … Continue reading Consumed by Consumerism?


Call me lazy, but many of you will relate when I say that the creative muse can be a fickle tease. For nights and days I can seemingly write for hours; words just seem to spill onto the page like an ever-flowing flowery adjective-filled verse. Other days, my creative juices suffer a drastic drought. It … Continue reading Drained?