Some Light in the Darkness: Supporting Music Makers

The world is going through a dark period, a scary time for all. We are reminded of how small the earth is, and how connected we truly are to each other. 

Uncertainty is lurking around every corner of the UK. My daily life and work has become a place where all anxieties are projected and we face the daily pang of ambiguity around the future, our life structure/routines along with a discussion around the multiple items that could substitute as toilet roll. *update from future Emily a few days later, all staff at my work are now working from home for the forseeable. I feel incredibly lucky that I am able to do that and am thinking of everyone who cannot, including most members of my family*

With all these weird and downright dreadful vibes floating around, I am of course following any kind of medical or professional advice comes my way. But at the same time, not neglecting my mental health. Self care at this time is hugely important.  Mental health is taking a major hit, especially for those with pre-existing anxiety, OCD and depression.

For someone with pretty horrendous health anxiety all year round (I’ve convinced myself I have every disease under the sun, and my mam has received many a Whatsapp continuing a photo of my latest mystery bruise, which normally turns out to be…just a bruise. I’m Frank Spencer so there’s a lot of them) Covid-19 has not caused as many panic attacks as I expected. Weirdly, I feel I’m almost numbed by its saturation and I really don’t know why. Maybe its because I tend to disassociate with real threats/worries. A global pandemic is truly worrying, yet I instead choose to worry about getting leprosy on a Sunday afternoon?! My common sense sits at a big fat zero.

It’s starting to feel real more now but I’m trying to remain positive and busy without putting myself or others at risk.

Despite this hugely long intro, I have actually came to spread news not of doom, but of joy and positivity!

I’m gonna talk about music, baby.

It saves me. A LOT of the time. Music allows me to get lost in daydreams when I desperately need some escapism, as well as to heighten my euphoria when reality is giving me some tangible satisfaction.

The recent cancellation of gigs and festival is not only hugely disappointing for attendees, its more importantly devastating for organisers, the artists themselves and those that work in the music and events industry. Although it is currently necessary to contain the virus, the impact will be massive and there’s no better time than now to enrich in music to get through hard times and to give our musical pals a little help along the way too.

Additionally, touring is the main if not sole source of income for many performers. Therefore, supporting your favourite bands and artists shift from show attendance to other forms.

Support your favourite musicians by buying merch, albums/EP’s/singles and also by streaming their music. 
I have created a playlist of some of my favourite artists at the moment, both old and new. Listening to music can help you get through dark times and also inspire you to use your time in isolation for creative and uplifting outputs rather than just squandering and worrying.

Stay safe, look after your loved ones. Phone older relatives. In fact, phone all your loved ones. Loneliness kills too. Listen to uplifting music and dance around your room whenever you can, its guaranteed to improve your mood DRASTICALLY.

Also, sign this petition which asks the government to cancel the Festival of Britain 2022 and instead allocate the £120 million for the festival to create a Cultural Infrastructure Hardship Relief Fund, delivering funding to grassroots music venues, theatres, arts centres and other social and cultural spaces forced to close by the Coronavirus to protect Britain’s Grassroots Culture.

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