Long time, no see.

I’ve promised myself (again, I know) to resurrect ye olde blog for good.

Even if only as a cathartic experience for myself, it does you good to do a brain dump regulalry. Getting all those thoughts down, and posting them here in writing somehow makes it feel like I’ve processed them more and am casting them off into the universe.

I hope anyone reading this, and everyone in general, is holding up okay during this lockdown 2.0. It certainly feels different to the first and ive seen so many insta polls and articles citing the differences between the two and asking people if they’re finding this one easier or harder.

For me personally, it’s been easier to accept in the sense that I’m now ‘trained’ to adapt to regular rule changes and not to expect any amount of movement or freedom to last too long. Also, I truly haven’t been far so I’m not even leaving the house much less thwn pre-lockdown. I’ve only seen the majority of my friends once or twice since March, which makes my heart ache.

Here in the North East rules have been stricter for a few months, but over the summer I saw my family as much and as safely as possible. But in terms of ‘living it up’ and socialising of any kind, the furthest I got was a few beer gardens in the summer and a weekly meal out. Although, we have squeezed plenty of deliveroos inbetween *types after just demolishing a jackfruit burrito, nachos and a handful of churros*.

What I’ve found a lot harder is mostly the longer nights. I start and finish work from home in the dark. As much as I strive to see daylight and feel fresh air at least once on my lunchtime stroll, carving the time out is increasingly difficult when the weather is shit and my walks have no purpose.

My main way to get out the house currently is to bribe myself with a takeaway coffee. I only buy decaf for the flat (I’m hyper enough as it is, fam and friends can vouch for this) so its a treat going out and getting some fuel to power me through the dreariness of a lockdown weekday.

Ordinarily, this is (pre-pandemic) my favourite time of year. I love September through to December; both the seasons change and the social activity it prompts. This is normally touring season for the majority of my favourite bands/artists and it’s also THE BEST time to seek refuge in a pub from the rain (or sometimes just life) and have a drink and/or some amazing pub food with mates or loved ones.

My dream situ is a Old J cherry rum and coke in a pub with an open fire crackling away, good tunes in the background and great company. Pouring into the pub from the cold and peeling off the winter layers sporting the rosiest cheeks you’ve ever seen. I’m longing for this.

I long for company in general, my bf whom I live with still goes out to work whilst I’ve now worked from home since March. If I don’t have many or any calls at work I can go without speaking to anyone for most of my day, although if you know me and how much I love a chat you’re likely thinking “bet you end up talking to yourself”. I do, and sometimes I converse with the wall too.

Loneliness is real, and I feel for anyone who lives alone or who has no family, especially older people. I am sending so much love ❤

On the topic of loneliness and mental health, don’t feel guilty for limiting your news consumption. Mental health is so important, now more than ever, so do what you need to in order to keep positive. It doesn’t mean you don’t care. I rarely check Covid news now, or I choose only to consume uplifting content which helps me to remain a light for those around me who are suffering and also to help myself. I’m lucky enough to have loved ones who understand this and tell me any important updates without me having to consume all the stuff that triggers my anxiety or panic.

If you are struggling mentally, please speak up and seek help. Help is there if you need it, you are loved and this isn’t forever.

To keep lockdown as sweet and light as possible, I’ve created a mammoth playlist for all tastes, ages and moods. With this mix, shuffle mode is bound to keep things interesting!

A lot of the tracks I’ve selected were released this year as I’ve recently tried to refresh my most-listened to as I’ve been in a bit of a musical rut.

I fear the death or at least complete transformation of live music and it’s important to support your favourite artist/s at the moment. Buy merch or records for Christmas gifts as well as just streaming tracks online! Even something as simple as engaging more with the musican’s content on social media can be a big help. It’s a small way to help keep the industry afloat which helps us through hard times.

The arts are always there for us, although its clear the government aren’t there for them. So I’ll share any relevant petitions or places to donate below to support the sector.



Musician’s Union Hardship Fund

Save Our Venues Merch


First post back done, enjoy the playlist and please stay safe and well, sending so so much love xxx

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