April Faves

I’ve discovered a number of new faves this month, from Netflix binges to books.

I thought why not share with you all, as a good recommendation is always welcome.

April has absolutely flown by, I know we all sound like a broken record when we say it but this year really is going faster than the last. That’s getting older for you. I turned 23 last month and as much as I’m constantly reminded that I’m still a ‘baby’ I find 23 an increasingly scary thought.

I am currently swamped with University deadlines, a super busy period at work and have had a hormonal week and a half (which has led me to eat half my weight in pizza). So for now I aim to distract myself with countless TV episodes and San Pellegrinos. There’s just nothing like pretending your problems don’t exist…


My new favourite duo and easy-watch programme is none other than Netflix’s Grace and Frankie. I watched it in its entirety probably early April but I’ve just started re-watching it again so my boyfriend can enjoy it too (i.e me forcing him to watch).

It’s incredible to watch a show with two strong, hilarious female leads who are representing older woman. I also adore it because the dynamic between the two friends is totally reminiscent of my sister and I. She is sarcastic, strong and sassy like Grace whilst I am ridiculously over-emotional and a bit dazed like Frankie. I’ve also made her watch it too, and now I’m making you. Do it. Season 6 is coming in 2020.


I finished this novel around a fortnight ago, and although I was disappointed by the ending, I thoroughly enjoyed its unusual narrative structure. It takes a while to get in to, as it jumps back and forth in time, but it is certainly worth a read.

However, I would definitely say that I much preferred the Zadie Smith novel I read last summer; NW.

The story chronicles the friendship and lives of two childhood friends whom grew up in the same area of London but went on to ultimately lead wildly different lives. The book takes you across continents and pivotal life milestones to tell a story of privilege, family relations and how decisions we make early on can shape our future.


These little pots of joy are 100% vegan, incredibly tasty and fabulous for a quick dessert or even a little booster snack for when your days going badly.

I used to have a mega sweet tooth when I was little and was pretty much addicted to chocolate. That diminished in favour of chips in more recent years, but I have rediscovered the joy a little bit of cocoa can bring to your day.

These babies are delicious and not very bad for you at all, I think they’re normally £1.50 for a four pack too which isn’t a bad price!


After being in a style rut for what feels like forever, I decided to go out and seek inspiration again to feel a little better dressed and more ‘myself’.

Discovering Devyn Crimson on YouTube has done just that.

Her style is an incredible nostalgia filled dream of 60’s/70’s ensembles and beauty looks. She makes me desperately want a fringe, and bigger eyelids so I can rock the 60’s eye like she does.

I highly recommend her lookbooks which tell a story that becomes much more than a basic OOTD, her videos transport you back in time or to another world.


At the very end of April, I saw Marina (formerly Marina and the Diamonds) on the first night of her UK tour at Newcastle’s O2 Academy. I have never seen her live before, despite being an OG fan – I remember spending my iTunes gift card on her single ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Mowgli’s Road’ and absolutely LIVING FOR IT.

Her latest dalbum recently dropped (the double album Love + Fear), and despite never giving it a proper listen prior to the live show, since the concert I have FALLEN IN LOVE.

Marina’s hauntingly beautiful and diverse vocals are as dreamy as ever. In my opinion, the way she manipulates and controls her voice makes her akin to the Kate Bush of our generation.

The new album is stunning and I highly recommend everyone gives it a listen, stand out tracks are ‘Enjoy your Life’, ‘Karma’ and the incredible ‘To Be Human’ which features the stand out lyrics:

I like to think about how we all look from afar
People driving fancy cars, look like beetles to the stars
The missiles and the bombs, sound like symphonies gone wrong
And if there is a God, they’ll know why it’s so hard
To be human

And on that gorgeous yet tragic note, I bid you goodbye. Again, let me know what you’ve been enjoying this month and I will be sure to check any recommendations out!


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