You’re Hired.

A new chapter has begun.

I am now employed.

I’m officially a full-time creative content writer. How mad is that? It feels like yesterday I was sulking in the depths of my unemployment, clicking play on my fourth loose women recording of the week, living solely off cheese on toast.

I’m excited to be, (for the first time in my life) a little frivolous with my money i.e affording more Topshop than Primark!

I’m also enjoying feeling like I have a purpose, that I can get up and go somewhere every day and feel like I’m contributing to something with the way I write.

So far I have learnt a few things about the ‘real’ working world and office life, that I never knew a mere 9 days ago.


IMG_2950unnamed (3)



People are nice.

My usual insecurity centering around everyone hating me and me not fitting in, isn’t true. Grown-ups with proper jobs are good humans too. You will find like-minded people, who also have a deep passion for carby food and puns.



You won’t be the sassy workwear diva you dreamt of

Fair enough, some days you will whip on your velvet pleated midi skirt and roll neck top and resultantly feel like a Girlboss. Other days you’ll wake up and fall into a pair of shapeless black trousers with no makeup, then look in the mirror and think, “you’ll do.”

The newly founded early mornings will play a major role in said efforts.

Note also that your cool girl filled ‘WorkWear’ Pinterest board will be largely neglected.



You will doubt yourself. Regularly.

The self belief you’ve lacked your whole life won’t magically appear overnight. Of course the job offer sky rocketed your confidence after months of mind-numbing job searching, but you will have anxiety. You will question your abilities, and your overall talent.

But you will also prove yourself wrong, Cos deep down you know that you got this.










You will finally understand the hype around weekends

After three years of (pretty much) constant freedom, where the closest thing to an alarm clock was the start of ‘This Morning’, working all week 8.30-5 will enable you to appreciate the sweetness of a weekend.



Social Life Drought

For a while it may feel like your out-of-work social life consists solely of the odd chat with the lad that works in your local ASDA. And even that normally centres around the extortionate price of avocados.

I’ve only been in the game a week and I swear I’ve started talking to inanimate objects like they’re old pals, so we can only pray for my future. It turns out the mixture of dark nights, lack of driving license and shoddy north east public transport really does make for a night in. Every night.



unnamed (1)IMG_2952unnamed (2)


For months the mourning of University life took over my brain (I do still think about it daily), my Mam would reassure me by saying “it’s exciting! Not an end, but a new adventure”.

I would think, aye whatever, Cos after all what’s better than being walking distance from a Nandos. (This point was obviously more valid when I ate meat)

But now I see that she truly was right, as she always is, annoyingly.

I’m so lucky to have started a job where my primary task is my favourite thing ever; to write. It’s geeky but I get so much pleasure from putting words together to make creative, whimsical, and often absurdly flowery sentences. What can I say, I love a good adjective.



This new chapter has been amazing so far, I feel the pressure upon my shoulders and I’m keen to impress myself and my colleagues.

I fully intend to keep my blog updated as regularly as I can now that I’m working full time. It’s increasingly difficult to find the time to get photos with the dark evenings, but I really don’t want to sacrifice this platform where I rant, rave and digress; at times it feels like a diary, à la Georgia Nicolson of course!



Thanks for reading as always,



One thought on “You’re Hired.

  1. Congratulations Em -I love reading your blogs and i’m Sure you will be a great success in your job -you can write girl !


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