Hi all,

Today’s post is something a bit different. I’m truly struggling to find time to shoot blog photos at the minute, when I finish work it’s pitch-black out and truthfully I can’t see myself getting up at 6 to shoot before my shift! My weekends are also often full, but I am trying to make time for this blog, as I truly love to share and write.

So tonight, it was just me my camera and its self timer.

There’s very limited uncluttered space in my room (it’s pretty much like walking into an episode of Extreme Hoarders UK) so many of the photos had to be heavily cropped, thus resulting in this portrait style set of images.

I have my natural WILD and crazy curls shown to their full vivaciousness, and I’m wearing no makeup besides a smudging of red lipstick. Yet these photos seem to capture my essence and style so much more than those I’ve meticulously planned in the past.

They feel raw, personal and in many cases, really f*cking blurry. But I think they work.


IMG_3000 - CopyIMG_3003 - CopyIMG_2995 - CopyIMG_2999 - CopyIMG_3002 - Copy



Looking back at these photos I think I look a little too round in areas, I could’ve posed much better and I’m awfully pale. But overall I really feel like they capture a feeling/vibe which is what I’m going to try and do with my blog moving into the future.

As much as I love classic OOTD type shots, I want to push my creativity a little further and marry some of my interests up by combining my current fashion/lifestyle heavy content with other inspirations such as film and music.

I don’t want to get too flowery with my words in this one, for once, so I’ll let the photographs do the talking.




Em x

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